Homey Pro vs, other brands on the market

Im dissapointed at the Homey and wonder why i have to buy a Homey Pro to get cloudbased products to work.
As i understand it the pro is for a local cloud and the bridge for cloud integrations.
The Pro is ridiculus expensive compared to the bridge and even if i compare the Pro with other brands like Hue, Sonoff, Home Assistant i cant see any reason to buy the pro.
I really think that the homey are going to the trash bin just because there is a lot of other RF bridge,s avaible much cheaper than Homey Pro.

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No Homey Pro is processing complete Local and also can integrate Local LAN / WiFi connected based devices often without cloud integrations / internet dependency.

Name one Home Automation platform that integrates RF 433 Mhz, Zigbee and Z-Wave an can communicate with so many other brands to make conditional switching of devices.
And name one that operates local (continue operating Home Automation) when Internet stops…

and tell us what the price of it is.

But if you only choose for example Hue,

Guess you mean a Homey Bridge? as Homey is a cloud software solution with a subscription now, just sell the Homey Bridge it on internet marketplaces, you will probably get a fair price…

Trust me, i playing with smart Home around 10 years - i have try a cupple of products. The most products are Community based with integrations there never been updatet. Homey is actually the best If/and/then product what i know.

With Homey you have one plattform in one product. You can Connect your Homey to other Bridges like hue, tuya or whatever. Or you disconnect the other Bridges and use only the Homey.


You mean Homey Pro and not the usual Homey…