Limited options on the Homey bridge

The Homey bridge is advertised as having the same option/functionality as the Homey Pro. The only difference would be the Homey Pro keeps working when your internet connection is down.
Before buying the much more expensive Pro version I wanted to experience how the system works and bought the Homey Bridge.
However, unfortunately, not all brands are software supported when using the Homey bridge!
For example, Homewizard, and some Hue products, are only supported on the Pro version.
Very very very disappointing and in my opinion misleading.
Now I can not test the most important devices in my setup.

Does anybody know if the Bridge version will likely get the same software support in the near future?
Otherwise I hereby have one Homey bridge for sale :wink:

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I wonder what gave you that idea, because it’s certainly not true.


Nope as many Pro options are developed by the community.

It isn’t a limitation of the Homey Bridge as that one doesn’t do anything beside playing the antenna in your Home. Homey lives in the cloud and Homey Pro lives in the CPU of your Homey Pro (sphere or Pro puck).
So the limitations is in the Homey (cloud) with or without Homey Bridge, that doesn’t matter.

Beside it is mentioned on Athom’s comparison chart it is also visible while selecting Homey in the Homey app store to verify available apps.

I think everything you wanted to know is here already.

And all limitations of both platforms that I know where here mentioned

Selling Homey’s or Homey Bidges here is not allowed here.
If you buy a new Homey Pro (Early 2023) you can use the bridge in another room for IR or RF as satellite of Homey Pro

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Then I probably misunderstood, my mistake.