Homey Bridge or not?

Since Homey is available as an app, why should you buy a homey bridge? Homey pro I can understand because it’s local, but what functions does a bridge contribute that you don’t get with just the app? Thinking about whether I should buy bridge or not and what the benefits are.
Thanks in advance!

Support for Zigbee/Z-Wave/IR/433/BLE devices.

I have seen that they have support for all these protocols. But take, for example, the Philips hue that runs zigbee. You can link all products via the app and do not need Homey bridge. So when do I need homey bridge?
Sorry if these are stupid questions, but I’m new to this :slight_smile:

No you don’t need homey bridge when you only have Hue. You can buy all domotica products with and/or without bridges. All functions great.

But if you want to use ure hue lamp together with another( better, cheaper, prettier) motion sensor Homey is a solution.

I have the Homey Pro and an example; when the rainsensor(Netatmo) is not wet, and the lights out(Hue) and the soil is dry(Gardena) and everyone is in bed(3 motion sensors Hue and Aqara) turn on the watering(Gardena).

So it is not a must, but you can do awesome things with Hue. Hue bridge has some limitations which Hue Pro hasn’t, but the Pro cost some extra money.

Is Homey the best there is? No, at this moment there isn’t a Best product in domotics. But Homey offers a lot, with a nice interface. There are others(cheaper, more expensive, smaller, prettier, even for free, it’s just what fits you the most.

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Thanks alot, now it clears up a bit :slight_smile: So the aim is to avoid buying more different bridges. I have, for example, a roborock vacuum cleaner that I would like to add, how do I proceed? And i also have a meross garage opener i can’t seem to find them in the app. So then I can add them if I have a bridge?

No it is not about less bridges(it is only a nice side effect) it is more about controlling everything from one place. To optimise that you have to look what is compatible with your bridge. If there is an app, and your device us supported by the app you can add it. So take a look at the appstore and select Homey beta. Hope you find your device.

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Ok, so i can controll everything that is supported in the app, its like google home right? I cant understand when i need the bridge, what is the purpuse. Can you pleas give an example when i need the bridge and the app is not enough please :pray:

Overview of available Homey (Cloud) apps (with or without Homey Bridge): Apps for Homey

The bridge is an optional add-on device to Homey (Cloud), in case you want to control devices which use a local radio protocol;
The bridge connects them to Homey (Cloud).


  • Bluetooth LE, like Bold locks
  • Zigbee, like Aqara devices
  • Z-wave Plus, like Fibaro Z-wave devices
  • InfraRed, like some TV sets / Amplifiers / Set top boxes etc. There’s a build in device base.
  • 433MHz, like KlikAanKlikUit/CoCo devices

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Thanks alot all of you for cleaning things up for me. Great support from you guys🙏

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Be advised though, the homey app in combination with the new Homey bridge is currently still in development. I’ve had it for I think about half a year and I’ve had many issues, like unresponsive devices, apps crashing. Have needed many reboots and reinstalls. Luckily the support here is adequate.

The Homey Pro is a more matured piece of hardware you could consider, but it’s at a different price point.