Connecting Home Assistants to Homey


I am trying to connect my Homey Bridge to my Home Assistant’s server.

I use the app via Homey, but when I want to add the Home Assistants server, I get an error message according to attachments.

Have also made an access token in Home Assistants, but do not understand how I can use it as the app in Homey only asks for the IP address of the Home Assistants server.

I run my Home Assistant’s server via a wmware.
Can connect to the local ipt via the browser and app.

Anyone have any tips on how to proceed?

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The mobile app typically doesn’t like it if you switch to another app during a pairing session (for instance, to find out the IP-address of your HA installation). Try starting the pairing process again and don’t switch away from the Homey app until the process has completed.

I’ve noticed you try to connect to HA’s local IP address.
While Homey bridge/cloud/beta is a cloud service, you’ll need to provide for the external (internet) address of your HA instance.

Did you already configure external access to HA?

How to connect is explained in that screen but it could be a bit more explicit for Homey cloud users:

→ The link sends you here.

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I have tried that but no luck. I gonna trie peter_kawa tips with external access.

No i haven’t tried to put a an external access to home assistans. Gonna trie that when i come home , ill get back later. :ok_hand:

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Thanks to fix an external ip for the home assistans got it to work.

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Make sure you understand the implications of exposing your Home Assistant instance to the rest of the world.

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Yrs i know i tested it with the service that was provided by nubaca they have a monthly service for that.

But unfortunately it was not wath i looking for.
Now i can implement home assistans in Homey.
But i want to implement Homey in home assistans. So that i can use home assistans UI and use the Homey as controller.

But i read on som forum that its not possible?:thinking:

Thanks once again for your time.

Nabu Casa handles a lot of the security-related stuff that you will have to implement yourself if you expose your Home Assistant to the Internet using port forwarding.

As far as I know it’s not possible with the Home Assistant app running on Homey Cloud, which is what you use. That app can only be used to import Home Assistant devices into Homey, but not the other way around.

For Homey Pro there are solutions that will enable that.