Enabling Home Assistant on Homey Bridge

Can anyone provide specific information on how to add Home Assistant to Homey Bridge? I have tried suggestions from support and none work. I do have external access to HA.
Why am I asking? The supported Homey devices do not include what I am currently using nor that which appear common in North America. If I can link HA, then I will be able to enable a more robust Homey experience.
Thank you in advance.

Make sure you use the same IP address as your remote connection to your HA system
It’s in HA Companion app server settings:

On Homey:
Very likely you should use https://
Hit “http://” to pick https://

Now enter the remote IP address from HA:

Adjust the port number if applicable

How to ebable HA remote access:

(Curious what support advised you :wink: )

It was nice to help you out @Dan_Melideo . Thank you for your time and have a nice day.