Homey Bridge and Home assistant (local)


I’m tiring to add a local instance of home assistant to my homey bridge. both devices are on the same subnet. while trying to add home assistant from the homey app i received the following error "Error:Timed out after 3000ms. i was able to access my hosted home assistant without issue.

has anyone resolved this?

You don’t need Homey bridge, while it cannot handle local wifi connections other than the one to your router :woozy_face:
You’ll need to add the internet address of your HA instance, and pair it with your Homey cloud app. It’s a cloud-2-cloud connection…

Follow the link, or hit the v on the right to view my howto:

thank you.

will i be able to achieve local to local setup with homey pro?

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Yes, with HomeyPro you can use this app for local access.

…or the Athom app you are using for HomeyCloud now, just with your local HA IP address.
But I think you will have more possibilities with the linked one :wink: