Value of Home Assistant with Homey

About a year ago I ordered a Homey Bridge and trial access with the intent to connect it with Home Assistant as many of my devices were not listed within Homey Apps. I was unable to connect HA with assistance from support and that of others. I stopped trying, but still have a desire to overcome this hurdle. I do have Nabu Casa external access as well (for integration clarity). My ultimate goal is to use the simplified and probably more robust Homey Flow for automations.
I have two questions:

  1. Does HA enhance the capability of Homey? Example: ability to use/integrate devices not yet recognized in the App store?
  2. Has the integration of HA become easier with the new Homey Pro?

Thank you

All in here. But you just never responded, Dan…

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  • Homey bridge only has the official Home Assistant App and that is trash so the bridge is trash

  • Homey Pro can use the community plugin that actually works so you should use that

Thank you Peter. Apologies, would guess you responded as I had to take a pause. I did try what you illustrated without success, Received similar feedback from Homey support as well. My trial with the Bridge was to test with HA and ability to find/use devices not supported by Homey at this time. Now that Homey Pro has been released, I am more interested in understanding ability and value of using HA with Homey and possibly not use HA if the majority of my devices are recognized.

Thank you JB2K, if you use both, have you found that connecting to HA is of value with Homey Pro and more importantly, does the ability to connect with HA give you the ability to connect to devices on HA but not yet supported directly with Homey Pro?

I have around 100 devices connected trough Home Assistant and only use the Home Assistant app for connecting to devices. Tesla, Hue, LG, Sonos etc…

Thank you. Does this mean you can access non-Homey supported devices and use the Flow process for them? Appreciate the feedback.

Exactly. You can add non-Homey supported HA devices to Homey, like any other device. And use it in flows like any other device. This is possible while the Home Assistant Community app ‘converts’ the installed devices into Homey supported devices / capabilities.

Thank you Peter and JB2K, based on your timely and clear feedback, I ordered a Homey Pro last night. Can’t wait. Thanks again.

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For further questions about the HomeAssistant Community app, just use this thread:

Start with adding your first device and follow the pair instructions (set the URL and HA token). Then select a device you want to add.

For advanxed settings add the "Custom device and add your HA entities one by one. This way you can group HA entities into one device.

So have a good start with your Homey… and btw. The Homey Pro supports much more apps and devices than the bridge. Don’t forget to search the app store :wink:

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Thank you Ronny, I am on my journey

Hello, just following up, because of your responses, I did purchase a Homey Pro and am very happy so far. Slowly adding devices with a few glitches but very nice so far. Waited a year after unsuccessfully trying to use a Homey Bridge as a proof of concept. Thank you