Error connecting Home Assistants to Homey

Hi, im a new homey user (bridge now wating in the new pro) and I plan to migrate from home assistant but this will take some time. My plan with the bridge was to replace my telldus net for 433mhz plugs and and move my ikea bulbs and then keep homeassistant running and connect some devices to homey but i get attached error when i connect to my server and i cant find a solutions?

You’ll need to use the HA outside URL, while Homey cloud/bridge does not handle local LAN connections (at all).

Hi, Yes I use my outside url, just before the error in my snapshot i have logged in to my HA with username and PW so i think this is ok. The title in the snapshot is in swedish but means somthing like “new devices found” so my guess is that the connection is fine?

Ah, my bad, didn’t translate it.
Yeah, when it says “new devices found”, the connection should be ok.

I think you’d better ask Athom support, they build the official HA app