FCC ID 2avq6hy0016

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The Pro isn’t the last new product, that’s the Homey Bridge: Athom Homey Bridge HY0016 FCC ID 2AVQ6HY0016 (although I have no idea what the actual status of development is for the device).

The new my.homey.app website fits with the idea of a “Homey Light” device where most of the logic is performed in the cloud as opposed to on Homey itself. I assume that there’s going to be a subscription-based service for it.

where do you come up with this info :wink: but nice to see that they are still putting some R&D in, for all I know they are just fiddling arround with some smart home devices and making youtube video’s.

The web app seems to be a requirement for the upcoming Bridge device.

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bridge device… ?
do share :slight_smile:


For a second there i was hoping for a ethernet enabled device which I could store in the cupboard,
looking at the pictures they still designed it to be round…

lets see what they come up with and how much it’s going to cost…

I don’t think the case will be delivered like this. Athom will stay true to the sphere because of its recognition value. Judging by the circuit board, no LAN connection is installed. I don’t see any Zigbee chips either. I think it will be a cheap Zwave product for feeding new customers. But I like to be wrong.

There’s a CC2530 in the right side of the PCB (with a PCB-antenna next to it).

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right, I had overlooked

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