Athom at the CES in Las Vegas

Athom at the CES in Las Vegas today:

(shared on their Facebook/Instagram stories)

I only see Homey Bridges there. One can’t say they don’t have confidence in their beta product!

Seeing all the posts about the bridge here, I am glad I have a Pro… :wink:


Hope they have a good lawyer, Murcans love class action suits against companies that make, let’s say, “difficult to keep” promises.

I guess as the show is in the U.S. they don’t want to temp the mainly American audience with the better product that they can’t buy :slight_smile:

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Homey brings a veil of privacy to the US smart home market

I see they mention some statements/specs from the Pro, but still mention only Homey cloud and bridge. Nice marketing… :wink:

It’s interesting, no Pro’s are on display…

The Pro is not available in the USA so not really surprised.

I guess that makes sense but don’t they have intentions this year to market the Pro there ?

The Pro is not certified in America so not sure if they will pay for that as it’s an expensive process.

It has a lot of radios in there that all have to be tested.

Same applies to the Bridge, though.

It sure did. But the Pro would have to start from the beginning so won’t be any cheaper. Maybe if the market looks strong from the Homey bridge they will invest more in the Pro. Maybe they have a replacement for the Pro in the pipeline and will do it with that. All complete speculation of course.

Afaik the Pro has a fixed region for zwave, and the bridge should be able to discover what it’s location is, and then sets the zwave region to a matching one…

I think regional Zwave wouldn’t be too hard to get around but your right FCC compliance would probably be the main thing they would need to deal with…

I couldn’t quite remember where I read they were going to release it over in the US so I did a bit of googling this morning.

It looks like they officially stated they we’re 100% going to do it last year. Even gave a specific timeline for the release …

Although it seems that is referring to Homey, which as we now know is the cloud version and not Homey Pro.

Lol … stupid me. I’m so use to “Homey” meaning (Homey the white sphere) , it didn’t even click …

Still trying to get use to all this relabeling… :roll_eyes:

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I still think that the pro will be phased out sometime, and homey cloud will get all the functionality that pro now has. This might happen first in the USA

It wont

I know you think that,
10 to 1 that won’t happen… certainly not in USA :rofl:

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The only reason for me to buy a pro is all the failing clouds. Cloud is sold as always up, until it is DOS-ed, misconfigured, down, unreachable while you sit in the dark waiting for some-one that does not know it is down and asks you to check your WIFI.

I do not like it that Homey uses Amazon. I would rather see that they used an European cloud provider or their own private cloud.

If Homey stops with the Pro, i’ll switch to something that can run in my home. I do like the interface of the Homey a lot. So i don’t like to migrate.

The reason for me I bought an Extra Homey (Pro) is as spare for when Homey fails and delivery of a new one would take more than ~ 24h … in the meantime I still can operate everything in my house.

Always design for redundancy…