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Homey Keynote

See below Youtube Keynote announcement for next week:


I guess they will introduce the ‘Homey Lite’ or Homey bridge as in FCC reports mentioned earlier:


I wonder why…

To enable them to go to the US market?

They seem to call it Homey Bridge, but based on the power input it will probably not be a high end device! The Homey/Homey Pro utilizes 5V 2A.

But hey, it might be good anyway!

I hoped for a new homey with a lan port


Yes I hope for a Homey Premium Version with lan port, too :wink:

And much faster cpu


Me too

Why is a LAN port such big of a deal?

Lots of people have issues with bad WiFi because they keep using the built-in WiFi of the router that is provided by their internet service, and Homey is quite susceptible to bad WiFi (because its own WiFi isn’t great either).


Oh, wasn’t aware of that, but as you say the issue might be more present with specific routers. I use Unifi gear and that works great.
But in that case I do understand why a LAN port is wanted

And I don’t want to spoil the party, but dont count on a wired ethernet connection.
Because a handfull of people want that vs a quite impressive number of Homey’s I don’t expect them for those maybe ~ 0.1% putting time in that soon.

So just let yourself surprise for what they announce.

5 ghz then? :slight_smile:

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And maybe put those included routers in the trash and buy something better, there are multiple upsides (not only for Homey)


Well, then you’d also have to ask all your neighbors to throw 2,4Ghz gear in the trash. That band is way too crowded in a lot of highly populated areas. I have 3 quality Asus accesspoints but a lot of channels are unusable here due to interference. And to get some idea: this is what the 2.4 Wifi band at my mother in law in Amsterdam looks like, and non of the high ranking ones are hers:

If Homey isn’t getting Ethernet, it should be getting dual band wifi, but IOT gear rarely has. But I think there’s about a 0.5% chance Athom will be announcing better connectivity.


Sounds like a community app or initiative

I like the looks :rofl: But also well equipped gear isn’t getting any good speeds and I do not want to void warranty.

To be fair if it was me designing it I would consider USB C ports on a future device. Look at Apple creating tons of money on Apple additional hardware. Coming up with a Homey USB Lan adapter should be easy enough and still generate plenty revenue. Also people that don’t need or want it are not bothered with it. It would also allow for additional peripherals via USB; ie finger print reader or new modules for improved zwave or Zigbee.


I think you are on to something. For me personally a LAN extension is not if interest but I understand that it might be for others. However, I like the idea to connect peripherals, either manufactured by Athom or by 3rd party.
This will enable Homey to be used by light users and users that wishes a more complex setup

Here’s Homey Bridge. It will cost 69 euro. Includes 433, IR, Z-Wave, Zigbee and BLE.


Thanks! That’s quite cheap, could be a range extender to fix all the other problems :wink: