Separate WIFI for Homey?


I’m having issues with Homey disconnecting from WiFi at least a few times per hours. This is annoying because 1) flows are not running when they should, 2) Alexa voice command (turning on/off things) will fail and 3) statistics will not be transferred to a MySQL database.

Homey Pro 2019.
Mesh WiFi, 6 TP-Link Decos. Using both 2.4 and 5 GHz.
Solid strong iPad charger (2.4A, 12watts).

I have tested to use only 2.4 GHz but Homey did not perform better and all other things suffered.
Upgraded the charger.
Pulled the power to Homey for (15+ min) a few times. Restarted it like 5 times a week.
Nothing weird in CPU or RAM consumption.
When it works, it works great, seems really to be a bad WiFi-card.

I’m thinking of buying a basic Ubiquiti Unifi AP AC Lite ( with * 802.11a/b/g/n/ac, 2.4 GHz. So no Mesh network, no 5 GHz.

My fear is that if I connect the Unifi AP to my router or switch (to my router) Homey will not see/control my devices. Is there anything a part from playing around with creating different VLANS (I’m not good at that) to have Homey work fine using the Unifi AP and control devices on my other WiFi network?

Many thanks!

Maybe you can add the new Access Point in Bridge Mode, so it extends your LAN, not adding another LAN-segment. Then all network devices are on the same LAN-segment and everything should be fine.

Try to ‘glue’ Homey to one AP, so it can’t hop. Use MAC filtering, band steering or maybe fiddle with transmit power.


I know mileage may vary but my experience of Homey was poor when I used netgear mesh that couldn’t control 2.4 and 5Ghz separately. Changed to Unifi UDR controller, no mesh, separate 2.4 and 5Ghz wifi and all those problems stopped. Homey has been very reliable since the change

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Thanks Everyone for good advise!

I will double check with support about how running a parallel router will work. Looking to buy a pure 2.4 non-mesh (Amish) work horse to get Homey stable! :smile: