Homey on a separate 2.4 GHz net?


My Homey has been acting up a bit on me lately. I have 6 Deco X60 Mesh routers. Homey is set to not use mesh but to always use the same router. This has been working pretty good for 3 month now. Since yesterday Homey has been online/offline like every 2 minutes. I have rebooted (PTP and waited) both Homey and my router/s.

I came to think about the advice that some devices like Homey do not like to operate on routers that use both 2.4 and 5 GHz. Why is that “modern” hardware has this problem. I would recon that Mesh will be in almost every home in the future, so will 5 GHz? So then I thought, OK, I will take 2 out of these 6 Mesh-hubs and “sacrifice” them, turning them into 2 dedicated 2.4 GHz Mesh hubs to be run separately. But then I realized that doesn’t this mean that ALL devices that Homey should interact with MUST be at this “degraded” 2.4 GHz net as well? It doesn’t feel right to have to do this.


Have you tried a new power supply for Homey (at least 2 A)?

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Actually I really thought that I did, but now it turns out that its only 5V/1.8A/9V/1.1A. :slight_smile:
I will change it to a “fat” iPad charger immediately. Thank you for making me double-check! Don’t get me wrong, i LOVE Homey when it works but why couldn’t they supply it with a proper charger in the first place?

Changed the power adapter, hopefully this will work. Anyways, any comments about having a dedicated 2.4 GHz network in parallel? This will force all devices that should work with Homey to also be on that 2.4 GHz network right?

It really doesn’t matter how other devices that homey needs to talk to locally are connected to the network. As long it’s the same (v)lan it will work regardless of being wired, 2.4Ghz or 5Ghz wifi.
(Yes, exceptions apply but someone using such features should understand them before enabling)

Oh I see, I thought all devices had to be on the Homey-network in order to control them. So its working to have a small network called 2.4GHz_Homey_Alone that only Homey is connected to and all other devices on a separate network called 5GHz_Allotherdevices and they can still be controlled by Homey? That would be fantastic!

Yes, that will work.

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