Mesh Routers and Homey

So, Im thinking of buying some sort of mesh network for the summer cabin. Havent yet decided upon witch device but im looking at the Lyra, Google Wifi and the Linksys Velop, to eliminate wifi deadzones. So to my question. From what i read theese routers/nodes runs dual-band 2.4ghz and 5ghz into one single SSID, makeing it impossible to turn off one of the bands.

So, will I encounter any problems with this since the homey is 2.4ghz only. Will the phone have a hard time reaching homey if it decides to connect to the 5ghz band or is that not done localy, will it be harder to add wifi devices (Google homes, Xiaomi etc etc) if they decide to connect on the 5ghz frequenzy?

maybe im reading into this to hard but network has always been where i tend to slam my head against the wall. :slight_smile:

Using velop, no problems with homey using the same ssid for 2.4 and 5g

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Not really related to mesh, but having 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz with the same SSID is not an issue for Homey.

The reason people sometimes avoid using the same SSID, is to have more control over devices that support both frequencies. Not all devices work very well with band steering implementations and such. In the case of Homey, there isn’t anything to steer :slight_smile:

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Having Linksys Velops here too.
No problem whatsoever. Works like a charm!

Edit: since switching to KPN for TV-provider, I get a lot of errors on the TV-boxes when the Velops are connected. Linksys acknowledged the problems and has agreed to refund the Velops

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Check out Unify too! If you use it with the controller it works like mesh too.

  • very good test results
  • homey app available (can be used for presence detection: if connected to wifi you are home)
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I support this.
Reason to use 5Ghz iso 2.5Ghz is the speed.
But 2.5Ghz is normally a stronger signal

So if you use the same SSID your devices will choose the stongest signal…

I guess this has been fixed? Because it sure has been an issue in the past for some people.

Never been an issue here (started using homey from September 2018).

Hi Johan, pas 5x een TP-LINK Deco M9 Plus Router/AC 3 banden ingebouwde smart home hub voor Zigbee en Bluetooth Mesh. Het geheel bedraad (cat 6) geïnstalleerd en het werk perfect samen met homey en Google Home hub en Google speaker (alles nest V2) download en upload op iedere punt hetzelfde als wat ik van ziggo ontvang👍

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OR use :wink:

I also had problems joining the network, with what appears to the very issue that was attributed to this. However, I had exactly the same issue with the 2.4 GHz only SSID, so I’m not convinced it is related at all.

I got a new access point last week, which gives less freedom in naming (Unifi), so I got rid of the separate SSIDs altogether. No issues… yet :yum:

I use the netgear orbi rbk53. Fast and stable. Uses 2.4 and 5 ghz. No problems with it. The SSIDhave the same name

I use 3 ASUS RT-AC68U routers forming a mesh network without any problems. Never failed so far. All 3 routers are dual band an it doesn’t matter to which I am connected or coming in from the wired connection all work together as one network.

Hi, I have several velop at home. On the administration page there is an hyperlink “CA”. it will bring you to the “advance config page” that allows you to change the SSID for 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz and 5Ghz bis (if it is a tri-band).
Mine are brigde to a pfsense. Works perfectly fine !!

The only time I have heard of people having an issue is during Setup. Though I think this was one specific model, a while ago.

Super easy solve was for these people to disable their 5Ghz network for 5 minutes during the initial Homey setup.

@DrFatalis Well that´s awesome that you´re able to separate them. cause this is not possible with for example Google wifi. Looks more and more like ill invest into the Velops. Are you sattisfied with them?

@Jamie Sounds fair. its threads like this that makes me unsure of the whole same ssid with dualband.

All in all if the velops can separate the bands then im all for it. :slight_smile:

Thanks anyways to all for all the info, really appreciate it!

@Johan_Sorensen That’s exactly why i switched from google mesh to velop. One mesh for IT, one for security camera as i cannot drill walls yet and on LAPAC2600 for IOT on a dedicated VLAN so it cannot reach the rest of my stuff :slight_smile:
Satisfied for the moment, easy to setup (you need to keep your phone close the AP during configuration, but that’s fine) and seems reliable

You can also disable SSID, i mean disable 2.4GHz and only keep 5GHz or the other way around if you need it.

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I have installed some TP-Link Deco (including P7) sets and at one client I ran into the issue that I cloud also not set seperate names for 2,4ghz and 5ghz. The client had issues with a Chromecast that we couldn’t connect (or keep connected) with the Deco set. Because of that reason we wanted to seperate them.

We install a lot of UniFi as well. Not sure what your budget is but you could also check out the Ubiquiti UniFi Dream Machine.

Hi, I bought the Velops and installed them yesterday. So far no disconnects and 100% uptime on all nodes and Wifi devices such as chromecasts goggle homes/minis, air purifiers and so on.

So right now it all just seems to work fine out of the box.