Connect to Wifi (I think I found a bug)


I am new in the Homey stuff. But I think I found something interesting. Due too a reset of my (ziggo) modem I had to restart my network. From that time my I could NOT connect anymore to my Homey. But I found out in the App that the Homey could connect to the internet.

After some experiment I found the problem. I have 3 routers (1 for each floor) and 2 of them are in bridge mode. But they are sending an SSID all with the same name and password but on a different channel. In short I created my on mesh network.

The Homey always connect to floor 1. But now suddenly has floor 2 as his preferred Wifi. (I think because of the location of the Homey floor 2 has a stronger signal. At the moment I renamed floor 2 or shutdown floor 2 Wifi the homey is working correctly.

Has anyone else found this problem? Is there a solution for?


Ps. Sonos has the same problem by the way.

Same goes for the HomeWizard. The moment my Orbi mesh shifts for whatever reason, HomeWizard is unreachable after it connects to another satellite.

Fortunately my Homey has no problem with the Orbi system, while It had (heavily) with my previous Velop mesh.

It’s not really a bug i suppose, i think it’s the way old 2.4ghz devices tend to choose their connection. My old 2.4ghz surveillance camera’s suffered from exact the same issue.

I had the same problem with the Asus Lyra mesh.
Only solution was creating a 2.4GHz Wifi with a own SSID in the router.
So router has now 1 Wifi for Homey (and another device which is struggaeling with the mesh) and a mesh for all other mobile devices.

I had the Same problem with the nest doorbell.