Homey unreachable

Since this night my Homey Pro has become unreachable via the app or my pc. All my home automation that do not require a network are still working, but the Homey is unreachable. I have tried updating the firmware by connecting it to my pc this morning, without any success.

My internet is working fine, so that’s also not an issue. Anyone has any ideas? Before I do a factory reset…

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Seems to be related to the new WiFi firmware that was pushed in the new firmware update last night: Does Homey Bridge acts as range extander or repeater? - #69 by Alex_S1

Aah, thanks! Will keep an eye on this :slight_smile:


Same here. I have two of them at home and at the office.

Both went offline. A restart helps sometimes to get it connected again but it will go offline again suddenly.

I contacted the support and they asked me to switch the WiFi from 2.4 to 5 GHz.
Not a solution from my point as when it goes offline it doesnt run scenes or control devices. Every kind of connection seem to go.


Aah mine is already connected to a 5ghz network. And my flows are running perfectly. However I’m unable to us the app or site

Yes, sometimes it can connect to devices and run scenes and sometimes not.

Alright, after putting it in setup mode I notice my 5ghz could no longer be detected. I connected it to my 2.4ghz network and am now able to use it again. Let’s see for how long it lasts!

Maybe it does not go offline if you switch WiFi from 2.4 to 5 GHz?


My homey is completely offline I have tried to turn off / on power but it doesn’t help.

I can normally only reach my homey via WiFi.
How can I then switch from 2,4 to 5 if the WiFi connection is down?

How is it possible that they push out something that makes it stop working…

Sorry, I mixed it up. I should switch from 5 to 2.4 GHz.

Follow this instruction. Once you connected to the WiFi it will tell you that your homey is already set. Exit setup at this point.

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Top! Here also Homey offline. Setup mode and switching to 2.4 Ghz solved the problem for me.

Ok, thanks for the info guide.
And there is no risk that the homey makes a factory reset during this operation?

I have so many things connected and I haven’t done any backup yet. :scream:

No. You will get two options. One in blue for finishing setup and one in red below for factory reset.

Wait and see how long it lasts.

thanks! Will keep an eye on this

Same here. Can’t reach it anymore. There is no update from Athom about this?

I stupid question, do I have to setup my home as a new device when I do this?
When I select my existing homey it tells me it is offline also after I pressed the setup button for 8 sec.

I´m in touch with Athom and provided my logs or codes to the logs. They are working on it.
Will post here any news once available.


Yes, and no.
Once you brought it in setup mode, select add new homey. It will search for your homey and find it. Follow the app till you get to the screen where it tells you that the Homey is already set up. At this point you click the blue button to exit the setup. below is a red button for factory reset.

At the beginning it looks like you add a new device as the steps are the same.
I did it for both of my Homeys now and it seems to work so far. No issues during setup procedure.


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