Mesh Routers and Homey

Hi Johan,

I really can recommend a Deco P7 mesh network of TP-Link. It’s a hybrid mesh network and I have one sinds about one year now. The one I have is a set of three nodes witch are covering: one in the souterrain, one fore the first floor and in front of the house and the bedrooms and one for the garden and backyard. The “outdoor node” hangs in a plastic sealbag in the garden cabin next to a Philips Hue bridge, witch manages the ligths in the backyard. They give me the finest coverage I can get.
The point is: they communicate to each other by WiFi, electric cicuit and LAN-cable. And while the 5Ghz doens’t like walls, steel or triple glass windows it goes by wire. The 2.4 Ghz however doens’t matter, it beams through those barriers anyway.
Most of your devices like cellphone, tablet etc will connect in the first place to the 5Ghz and will switch seamless and very smooth to the 2.4Ghz. The Deco P7 will manage that for you. Unless you make your settings not to do so. All the other switches and IoT devices do connect steady on there protocols to Homey.
I must say that I don’t have any problem of any interferences of signal by electrical wire transfer on any object.
What is all connected to my Deco P7?
5 adult user with they’re devices;
1 Homey
1 Google Assistant
1 Sonos speaker
2 Philips Hue Bridges
17 Philips Hue lights
4 Fibaro Roller Switches 3
1 Fibaro Double switch 2
2 Aqara doorswitches
1 Xiaomi Mibox8
1 Roborock S5
7 Osram Lightify switches
And every once in a while several guests who are using the separate guests network. You can also chose if you give them 2.4 Ghz or 5Ghz or both.
And last but not least: you get the best protection with the Deco. Also you can monitor the activities on the net and interfere if you want.

I hope you can get your benefits out of this post. And I really can recommend anyone who has difficulties by covering the house and surrounding with reliable Wifi.

Wish you success with your project!

Louis Rodenstein.

Hi, my recommendation is to buy second hand asus router type RT-AC68U, you can get them cheap. And use asus AIMesh

Not a big fan of AiMesh (I have a ac88u and ac68u). Using one as main and the other as access point however is perfect. Also recommend to install Merlin in it.

I have four Lyra Mini together with an ASUS GT-AX11000 and it works like a dream. Only one SSID visible but covers both bands and all five nodes. Makes no difference which band my mobile is on. I can reach both bands and thereby also Homey. Good luck!
The only con is that the built in LEDs can’t be switched off with this configuration. Some gaffer tape takes care of that.

I have the same TP Link Deco P7 set, works perfect indeed and no problems with Homey.

Do you guys use the TP Link set behind your router (so, as access points)?

No, i have set my Ziggo modem/router to bridge mode so it doesn’t work as router anymore and use the TP-Link set as router.
Works perfect with Homey , it has a nice app that makes it easy to give your devices a fixed IP adress.

Sounds good! I would miss the presence detection that works with the Homey Netgear App…

Good results overhere, with a deco m5 set behind a router. Homey at dhcp is given a fixed IP on mac basis.

Ihave the google wifi and i dont have any problems with the homey once it was set up.
During set-up i needed to move further away from the google wifi to make sure i was on the 2.4ghz network.

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Fred, will The “smart” part of the M9 also mesh the Bluetooth signal from homey to reach my BT lights far away from homey on the attic?

Has anyone had a look in the MESH router settings to see if there is an option to disable 20/40mhz Co existence? Found in another thread and disabling this feature improved network reliability considerably. Homey much faster to respond.

Interesting! Where did you find this info? Got a url/link?