Homey Pro Wi-Fi Issues

I have a strange problem with wi-fi and my Homey Pro.

I have a good quality wi-fi setup (Ubiquiti UniFi) and run separate SSIDs for the 2.4 & 5GHz bands.

When the HP is in my office close to the Office AP (2-3m air gap) all is good (connected on the 5Ghz band).
I also have a Homey Bridge elsewhere in the house some distance from 2 APs (Office & Landing), connected on the 2.4GHz band.

If I swap the locations the HP has practically no connectivity (this is in a location where other Wi-Fi clients have a good signal, e.g. iPhone).

Looking at the UniFi dashboard I can see that the HP appears to be trying to maintain a connection the Office AP, whilst the Landing AP is a better candidate (so no roaming). I even plugged the HP in right under the Landing AP and still no connectivity.

Wondering if anyone else has had this issue?

My next test is to create a temp. SSID only on the Landing AP and set up the HP to use that and see how it behaves.

Any thoughts appreciated.

HP2023 has known issues with Unifi WiFi. AFAIK this is related to the Raspberry Pi WiFi firmware and is, as of yet, unsolved.

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I use Ubiquiti AP on 5G, no issues.

5G is shorter range obviously so you may have to switch to 2.4G if distance is longer.
Good to have bands separated with different SSID’s though, this is were most people have issues, I think.

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Yup, agree re. the range and separate SSIDs / band (as I have).

Although the bonkers thing is when I have the HP with 2-3 meters (air gap) from the Office AP it’s perfect.
I move the HP to 2-3 meters (air gap) from the Landing AP and no connection at all. And at intermediate locations it has poor/intermittent connectivity (always towards the more distant Office AP and seemingly never the Landing AP.

Obviously other Wi-Fi devices faultlessly roam between those APs (I have default UniFi AP configuration, nothing out of the ordinary at all).

Thing is, the Homey isn’t roaming. It’s fixed to the SSID at setup, so still trying to reach the 5G.

To clarify: Homey doesn’t roam between 2.4G & 5G.

Roaming is between APs with the same SSID not between bands.

For clarity I have an SSID for 5GHz only across both APs (there is a completely different SSID for 2.4GHz only which HP is not using, again across both APs).

So a client moving away from AP 1 towards AP 2 should roam from 1 → 2. Other clients do this but HP doesn’t, it seems.

UniFi makes AP config easy, do you have the same WiFi configs across your AP’s?

Yes absolutely all the same.

And all other wi-fi clients on 5GHz radio do roam between the APs faultlessly.

My Homey is an older model and can’t use 5GHz, my network is 2.4 and my Homey can roam fine. There are a number of options with UniFi setup I wonder which one is causing trouble. Prior to UnifFi I used Netgear and had nothing but trouble for Homey and several other devices as well