Homey bridge apps future

I need a app list. Many apps doesn’t work with Homey Bridge.
Is there also a roadmap of the homey bridge, because I would like to know which apps working in the future.



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First of all, there’s a neat search function!
I see you didn’t read even 1 minute before opening a topic…

This is mentioned in the “Welcome mail”…

The wiki mentioned by Mike specifies the cloud and cloud+bridge apps, the official beta status page does not.
Athom never does roadmaps or what is still to come.
Please read this:

And please watch this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8OlQMGb19GQ



Welcome to the community,
also take a moment to read the Welcome to the forum!

All the questions you ask are further in the topics above.
Athom does not release a roadmap,

Therefore closed and moved.

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