Home Bridge and cloud integration

I subscribed to the beta program and recently purchased homey bridge.

In the homey app when i click on APPS snd add, nothing that i select is available for homey bridge.

Can you please post a list of current cloud integrations and roadmap for future integrations?

I don’t understand how your premium subscription model would work if nothing can be integrated.

Available apps for Homey Cloud/Bridge:

No roadmaps because Athom doesn’t do roadmaps.


I suppose the issue then is that most smart switches, light bulbs, outlets, etc. available in US/Canada work with some form of Tuya rebranded (smart life, globo, prime wire, etc.). So unless Tuya or Amazon Alexa or Google are integrated, not much to do with homey bridge other than use it as a coaster with a fancy light.

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Just upgraded from the original Homey to the Cloud/Bridge version - I’m missing Nefit Easy; this was available in the original environment, but not with Bridge. Will there be an integration (soon)?

I would call that more of a downgrade than an upgrade :sweat_smile:

I don’t have any plans to make the Nefit Easy app available for Homey Bridge. Athom is also very reluctant to allow community developers (like myself) to write apps for Homey Bridge without the brand backing them.


Hi Robert, thank you for your response. Is there any way to have the Homey Bridge and original Homey in the same household to use the double functionality?

So far I must say the integration problems (from Apple Homekit, Google Home and native Hue (which serves Hue and Osram) have only worsened… Not getting the value as yet.

As far as I know, you can have both. They just don’t integrate together, so you have two completely separate Homey’s.

Yep - got that. This is my current set up. Would be great to have just “one” Homey though with both the bridge and “pro” (actually mean the original Homey).

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