Homey App without bridge

I’m a new beta tester of the homey app, before purchasing homey bridge or homey pro.

I understood the homey app can be used without any homey device. It’s indeed working for my philips hue lights, but I don’t manage to install any other appli, like yamaha (AV Receiver), broadlink (RM4), which doesn’t need the bridge theoretically

Do you now why? Would it work if I purchase un Homey Bridge?

There are several reasons:

  • the apps have been created by community developers, for which developing Bridge/Cloud apps is prohibitive
  • both apps use local network access to control the supported devices, which is something that the Bridge doesn’t support

No, you’re going to need a Homey Pro for these apps.

Thank you for the answer.

For example, the SOMFY RTS apps does not work. So it means it does not work neither which the Homey Bridge, which claims being compatible with SOMFY RTS…

Is this right?

The Somfy RTS app doesn’t say it’s compatible with Homey Cloud, which would mean it won’t work with a Bridge either. I don’t know where it says the Bridge is compatible with Somfy RTS.

On my french reseller website:

Somfy RTS is an RF protocol app. So one day Athom may decide to make it compatible with the bridge. but currently it is not. Athom may also expect Somfy to build something. If Somy will they will probably make it a cloud connection to their Tahoma bridge. Them implementing Somfy RTS is not think likely as Homey then competes with their Tahoma product.

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Perhaps tell the reseller that their info is wrong :grimacing:

Or maybe they forgot to add "soon™ " :woozy_face:

Not sure to understand the purpose of the bridge then if you can not use most of the apps of the homey pro.

And you have to buy it without knowing what you’ll be able to do…

I told the french reseller btw

It’s a “lowest common denominator” device: limited in its use, supports most of the devices that regular folks have (a few smart lightbulbs, a few smart switches, etc), and it’s cheap. It’s expressly not meant for people that want to control every aspect of their (smart) home or want more advanced features.

Well, if you’re really diligent, you check all the apps for each of the devices you want to control to see if that app has Homey Cloud/Beta support.

Fwiw: Somfy RTS should work on the bridge now.