I now have my Homey bridge in my hand, how can I now run this together with my Homey Pro. I’ve tried everything, but I haven’t been able to get started.
Sincerely, Morris

You can’t
It is a completely different product sharing the basic ideas for a different market.

Please read the marketing campaign and product comparison

Watch the keynote, the ama recording and the topics here about the bridge

Athom announced Homey Cloud and Homey Bridge

[Info] Homey - Homey Bridge - Homey Pro Maximums / Limitations

Homey (cloud / bridge version), a selection of available apps (WIKI)

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Hey Dijker
First so thanks for quick response.
OK then understand me. I’ve signed up for Homey Beta 7. At the beginning of September but I haven’t obtained any beta access code yet. I bought the bridge and I haven’t got it up and running yet. When I enter my Homey Pro account and choose to add a new device, then I choose to set up Home Bridge and it will ask for invitation code! And I do not have this (how can I obtain this?). I have tried to add it as a new device with my Homey Pro and to try to find it but without results. Do you have any suggestions for Me?
Sincerely, Morris

The Homey Bridge is not to use in combination with a Homey Pro.
It can only be connected to the cloud Homey to provide you radios for BLE, RF, zigbee and z-wave and an IR transmission in your home.
Contact Athom support or wait until the invite code comes in to setup a new Homey (cloud) and connect your Bridge.

Hi Dijker
Thanks again for an answer, why I ask a lot of questions it is because I have used and tried different devices such as some Nexa, Rasberry pi, Zipato, and now the mode for some time back a Homey Pro. Which I’m very happy with. I have now acquired a Homey bridge to see and be abel to follow the development of this device. I’ll contact athom support or I can wait as you say.
Thank you sincerely, Morris.