Homey Bridge Can't connect to homey

Hello everyone,
I bought the Homey Bridge and I am trying to connect it to my homey.
I have a regular homey non-pro.
I can not do that. The BT and location services are open to me and still can’t find it.
I have a blue lamp in the homey bridge .
What should I do ?

That’s not supposed to work as it’s not what the bridge is for.
The bridge is an extension of the cloud based Homey service, have you signed up for the Beta of that program and received an activation code? Otherwise the Bridge will not do anything.

I have Invitation.
How do I enter the code, I already have an account

Open the Homey phone app, go to more and just below your name is the name of your current Homey. Tap on that and it opens a new screen where you can add a new Homey.

Thank you very much, I succeeded due to your explanation.
Can I share devices between them?

You can’t really share devices as they are two separate systems.
You can add some BLE or cloud devices to both systems but not zwave or zigbee devices.

Listed on a site that you can pair them together

I think that is just an alternative way to add the Bridge to your Homey account.
Do you have the link to that page?


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That page is just how to add the bridge to a Homey (cloud) account. Even if you have an old Homey ball it is now called a ‘Homey Pro’ and ‘Homey’ refers to the cloud account.

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I have now waited several months, I have signed up to receive homey bro beta code . In order to add this to homey pro (here you have to use code for Homey pro is in closed beta.) It is again several months since I ordered my Homey bridge from Atom and no code. If anyone knows, I’ve received a code, and if so, how am I going to get one? When I choose to add Homey bridge to Homey pro so after a little while it shows a 6 digit code, when I press to submit it will be the invitation code is wrong. Does anyone have a suggestion how to get started? Sincerely MAF

This is not possible, you can’t add the bridge to a Homey Pro.

Follow the instructions here

For :

When you’re an existing Homey user

Read tha as when you already created a Cloud Homey…

If you have a code and your code doesn’t work contact Athom support.

Yes this I know already, then I have tried to do as the instruction below: When you are an existing Homey user Open Homey Mobile App on your iOS or Android device. Navigate to the Devices tab → tap the+ symbol in the upper-right corner. Make sure Bluetooth is turned on and that the Homey Mobile App has permissions for your location. This is needed to find Homey Bridge automatically. Homey Bridge will be found automatically. Tap connectto start the installation and follow the on-screen instructions.
But my Homey can’t find my Bridge, Homey wants me to enter an invitation code and I don’t have this. If I leave Homey in this mode then after a while I see a code automatically entered and this consists of the 6 boxes that are filled in. I then press submit after I have done this and I will receive a message that the invitation code could not be found. There I am now. Do you or anyone have a suggestion?
Sincerely MAF


What else u wanna know?

In case u didn’t know, some quotes on topics u started about the same “issue” :