Homey Bridge not connecting for initial (Bluetooth) setup

Hi Guys,

A few days ago my Homey suddenly lost connection permanently, not the flacky disconnects a lot of people experience but rather a full permanent disconnect.

For me there was no way to get connectivity back so I removed Homey Bridge, removed the Home and started over.

So I created my home again but as soon as I want to add my Homey Bridge again i simply can’t.

Errors like Request Timeout 30000 and Er ging iets fout, probeer het later opnieuw.

The Homey Bridge is in setup mode (blue pulsing ring) and my phone + bridge has been restarted several times. I do not have access to a different phone.

Afaik this is the bluetooth phase, wifi has zero to do with this.

Has anyone experienced something like this? or knows a solution?

You can contact Athom: https://support.homey.app/hc/en-us/articles/360015784034-Submitting-a-support-request

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Hi, I am wrestling with something similar. I have a brand new Homey Bridge. I have requested and received the beta code, create a home and now I am trying to add the Homey Bridge to my home but each time I am getting the message in dutch “Something went wrong, try again later”. Did you ever resolve this issue? Or is anyone actually able to tell what is going wrong?

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I had the same issue recently. Just unplug the device, wait about 10 seconds and then plug it in again.
After it turns blue again it should work.

Had the same issue from my Samsung S22 Ultra phone, when that failed I tried from my iPad, and that worked.

It appears to be a problem with the Homey Bridge in combination with Bluetooth on Samsung Galaxy phones. Athom support told me they are aware of this and are looking into it. In the meantime they suggested to use a different phone or device with bluetooth for the initial setup. Which I did and this solved the issue for me. After initial setup I was able to access the bridge through the app on the Samsung Galaxy S22+ phone as expected.

The problem was my pixel 6 pro.
When I used a borowed OnePlus 8 the installation / bluetooth connection to the bridge worked fine.

I have the same issue, and we all have samsung galaxy phones in the house, what is the solution ?

To make some friends soon with someone owning a different brand phone.

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I have the exakt same issue.
Have a new homeybridge, never used anny other before so all is new.
Have restarted my phone and the unit multiple times but it doesnt work. I get the interrupting message as the app culd not cyncronice the home to the wifi with in “30000”.

Have written to the support but they expect a responce time of 1-2 weaks before i get help.
I seriously consider returning the hardware as its not acceptible to have this little info and control.

I will just quote myself her:

Athom support told me they are aware of this and are looking into it. In the meantime they suggested to use a different phone or device with bluetooth for the initial setup. Which I did and this solved the issue for me.

One of the solutions i’ve seen that worked (for Homey Pro (early 2023), but the connection way is pretty much the same) is to turn on a connection setting called “devices nearby” or something like that on your phone (on my phone it is under “more connection settings”), with that off it won’t connect automatically to devices like the Bridge, so definitely turn that on during pairing.

Looking back at how long its been since this issue is discussed in this forum (over 6months!), it feels likt its a problem the homeycrew is not going to fix.

I have a realy hard time understanding how they can design a system thay is only configurable with some phones bluetooth without a secondary way to do it.

Normaly to days equippmenten can be logged in to directly throu wifi and then you can manually set the settings in the device to make it work that is used as secondary methods if quick setup does not work. But i see nothing in the instructions about other ways to configure the unit.

I dont have the luxury of having a spare phone to use each time i want to make changes to my system. I have 1 Huawei p20 pro with bluetooth, that is it. No bluetooth on the pc.

This is why i consider leaving the hardware back to the store if i can not find a solution soon. I can not have a system i dont have a reliable access to.

A bit pointless, I really think you should write the Athom team, not to fellow Homey users here who can’t help you fixing the things only Athom devs can fix.

You don’t need to own it I guess :upside_down_face:
Almost every guy and girl has a smartphone, there’s probably one you can borrow?
I do agree these kind of workarounds shouldn’t be necessary in the first place. On the other hand, it’s quite impossible to get things to work flawlessly with every other device ever made.

I had the Timeout issue on my Samsung phone against two different Homey Bridge’s. The solution for me was to turn off the Bluetooth for a brief moment and when turned back on it worked without any problem.

I can confirm that the Homey Bridge does not work with Google Pixel 8 Pro neither. I had to use my sons aged lenovo pad to set it up.

Pass it on @ Support | Homey to make Athom aware

I can also confirm that this is stil a problem on pixel 6 and pixel 8 pro. It finaly worked on a very old Apple Ipad pro gen1