Homey Bridge Not Connected - Problem

Hi my homey Bridge problem sometime my zigbee device not responding i dont turn off or turn on example my my aqara light push off a light dont turn off

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I expect this is the

The new Homey — Beta Status | Homey
:warning: Homey Bridge might sometimes disconnect & reconnect for a few seconds when Bluetooth LE devices are connected.

Do you have BLE Devices connected to Homey Bridge?

I don’t have any ble bluetooth devices connected.
I don’t even know how to connect bluetooth devices to the homey bridge.
I also get the homey bridge is not connected.

I have the same issue with my Homey Bridge.

It seems to still be connected, though, even if it says disconnected, as I can still control my units.

Me too! Problem exists since a few days. Can be fixed by restarting the app, but everything is certainly less stable now…

Homey still hasn’t fixed the problem.
Hope they Will Fix IT soon.
Cause sometimes when i press my IKEA buttons my light won’t turn on.
And my flows don’t work with zigbee and kaku and zwave devices.

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exactly the same problem as I have ikea products and ble I have none

Today homey bridge not connected error again.
I thought they fixed everything, cause IT worked great for about 3 days.

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It’s still called “beta”, which means (at least, that’s how Athom defines “beta”) anything can break at any time.

I have the same sort of problem since a couple of days. The bridge flashes red a couple of time per hour, for 2 minutes and then connects again. Over and over.

Same here. Sometimes it will be stable for a couple of days but it regularly disconnects for a short while.