Homey Bridge - All zigbee/aqara is down

Hi huys, have been running Homey Bridge for 1 week now and its been working great until today.
All my 12 zigbee (aqara devices) and my Sonos devices (wifi) went offline this morning. Philips hue lamps, shelly and z-wave devices are still working as they should.
Im not running the Aqara hub - devices are connected directly to the homey bridge.

Have powered off the Homey bridge, unplugged some of the zigbee and Sonos units but still the same issue after 6-7 hours.

Is this normal due to the beta status? since its only zigbee and wifi (sonos) im not sure what to do next.

Please advice!


Sonos isn’t Zigbee but cloud-based (not handled by Homey Bridge at all), so these are probably two different events.

Perhaps the Zigbee status page can provide more info: https://tools.developer.homey.app/tools/zigbee

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Yes, correct, missleading text. its my zigbee AND my sonos (wifi) units.
Thanks for the link, haven’t seen that before. really useful information.

This is what I came across… not sure what to do…reset network will probably remove all devices right?

Yes, a Zigbee reset will require adding the devices again. However, it looks like at least the plugs are okay, their state is shown as “online”. They don’t work either?

No they did not work either. However they all started to work automatically like 10 minutes ago…been down almost 10 hours… I did not do anything last couple of hours…wierd…

Are you aware of the fact wifi can interfere with zigbee? Maybe that’s a cause.

When you set the 2.4GHz wifi radio to a fixed channel before you perform a zigbee reset, Homey will select a zigbee channel with low interference


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