Zigbee issues with RC50/53

I started out with a second hand Homey 2 weeks ago (RC50/53 + latest apps), but I am having a lot of Zigbee issues, especially after changes to the router nodes. I know Aqara devices are notorius for bad behavior when it comes to changes in the network like relocating plugs/bulbs, but at least I expect them to be repairable by a simple remove/adding.


  • Pairing Aqara motion sensors is unreliable or impossible, even after removing/adding then (not specific to any sensor, might happen to any of them)
  • Aqara motion sensors staying in “active” mode after adding them, sometimes even though Luminance still gets updated
  • Zones stuck in “Active” mode: even after entering zones they would still stay in Active mode indefinitely
  • Zigbee network looked fine looked finein Developer view, no question marks
  • Yesterday all my Osram E27 dimmable bulbs were spontaneously removed (according to timeline they left the network)! The app was still present, no devices.
  • In all cases Homey reboot or PTP did not help
  • Even a firmware “refresh” twice after talking to Athom support (full FW download, keep data) did not help either

I got fed up this morning and did a full Zigbee reset, re-adding all devices (and changed the Zigbee channel to 21 while I was at it), which actually did not take too long. I hope this will finally result in a stable network, because I am thinking of installing a NUC with HA right now since I am spending too much time on getting even the basics running. The whole purpose of Homey was to have a user friendly experience, but so far it has mostly been a royal pain (and yes, I realize it’s a RC/Beta but still).

Anyone else with similar experiences, or is it just bad luck on my part?

I had the same issues since RC43 or something like that.
Only “fixes” are zigbee reset according to Athom, but did not help at all for me…
I used homey from 2016, zigbee was always not amazing but it worked most of the time.
Just dropping devices at random.
But since the RC’s in the 4x versions it even did not respond on some sockets most of the time

So i also migrated to Home Assistant in the Christmas holiday, and zero problems there,
I even could update the firmware on my ikea lights and osram sockets :sunglasses:
And i can see the signal strength of all zigbee devices.

Athom seems to still not know what they fucked up in the RC’s related to Zigbee.

And yes i know for some users it is working amazingly, but since Homey is a closed system we cannot see why it is not working for us.

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And unfortunately this morning - after the full zigbee reset yesterday - I had the exact same issue with a few zones/motion sensors: stuck in “Active” for hours. After reboot, PTP still nothing. I ended up removing the offending sensors and re-adding them since nothing else worked.

I also sent a Crash report to AtHom and hope they will be able to find what is causing this. It really looks like some bad combination of Aqara motion sensors/driver + the FW5 Zigbee stack? :frowning:

The good news is that Athom more or less confirmed this is a known issue, and that the devs are working on it.

[Update] It’s very likely the Osram bulbs are the culprit. They (unfortunately) all spontaneously disappeared from the zigbee network (happened twice). I decided to leave them out for now, and during the last 1.5d the sensors have all been stable. I sent Athom more logs, so hopefully they can find out what caused this. I also just updated to RC56.