Fixing disconnected Zigbee devices (without having to modify all flows)

With the release of Homey firmware 5.0.0 some improvements have been made to the Zigbee stack.
I experienced some devices that stopped communicating with Homey in previous firmware rc’s.
For me most where battery powered Aqara & Xiaomi ZigBee sensors

As I didn’t want to have to fix flows I have do the following:

  • Remove the battery for a couple of seconds
  • start pairing the same device without removing it, just in place where it was mounted. (Not near Homey)
  • you get a [dupicate device] error

AND : Restart the Homey App, wait a couple of minutes depending on the number of devices until all devices are settled.

For all devices I had issues with, the device started functioning again.after the restart of the app!
Didn’t have to fix any flows.

Good luck with Fixing!

It also worked for a Trådfri motion sensor and a Tuya Zigbee Temperature and Humidity sensor


Thx for the info, Geurt. :+1:t3:

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Tks, will try the next time.
One of my aqara temp sensors likes to fall off the mesh:(

I just started using Homey about 2w ago and am currently on 33 devices running FW5 RC50. I have to say I still run into strange behavior quite regularly: bulbs not turning off or on when they should, even when motion sensors alerted and I can see the flow triggered. For example I have a set of 2 Ikea GU10 spotlights in the kitchen zone and sometimes just one turns off. I read somewhere that Homey does not do too well with groups/zones, so I even updated the flow to turn them off individually with a 1s delay but that did not solve it. Other seemingly random lights just do not turn on every now and then. :frowning:

Sometimes the Aqara motion sensors do not trigger any more, but pressing the botton once usually gets them going again, and - if that doesn’t - repairing in-place as descibed in the OP always works.

I realize it’s still a RC (or more like beta), but after several months of development I was hoping for a more stable experience, at least for the basics like On/Off lights. I did open some issue reports, so I hope these bugs can be fixed in the near future!

BTW: Is there a way for us to download or view the diags debug logging so we can try to figure out what works and what not ourselves?


Today I Found another way to fix one.

It was a Aqara Vibration sensor not reacting anymore, showing a bad route [?] in the Developer Tools - ZigBee

After starting an Interview I started Pressing the button short on the device every ~3 seconds.
These Devices have a lot of capabilities so need a lot presses before a complete interview is done but I guess after a couple of Presses it already was back in the network.

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In my case, a single “1 second push” on the device button was enough (Aqara Temperature and Humidity Sensor,, just to make the blue LED flash.
My problem was the data not updating, since 2-3-4…days. Immediately after the button push, the device is perfectly alligned.
I have this issue only on devices directly connected to Homey (2 out of 3 temp. sensors): the 3rd is routed by a Lidl bulb and it’s stable since the first pairing.
On the other hand, it does not solve the problem of the battery not shown for this type of sensor, while the door sensors battery is perfectly read.


Works also with IKEA Kadrilj blinds! :+1:t3: