Reconnecting zigbee device after battery replacement


I just replaced batteries in an IKEA motion sensor, but it seemed to not reconnect to Homey. So, I tried adding it again, but Homey told me that the device already exists, and I need to delete the existing device before adding it again.

If I delete the device, what will happen to flows using the device? How else should I reconnect the device?

Thanks in advance.

Have you tried rebooting your Homey to see if that brings the device back? Or possibly just wait a few hours to see if it appears again.

Restarting Homey seemed to do the trick. Thanks, robertklep!

Not sure I understand why it helps to restart, but before restarting I put the sensor into pairing mode to try to reconnect it, so I was afraid that the sensor had lost the connection to Homey, but apparently it didn’t :+1:

After paring and the duplicate device msg restart the app

Good information. Thanks, Dijker!