Check connection with Zigbee device

Hi, I recently moved houses and in the shuffle one of my Xiaomi Aqara door sensors (connected directly to Homey) got lost. I figured it must’ve fallen from a bag/box or ended up in the trash somehow. Looking at the device history in the Homey app, though, it says the sensor’s contact alarm turned on 11 days ago, which is well after we set up Homey in the new house. So the device must’ve been present in the new house at some point in order to pass on that status.

Is there a way to ping the device to see if it’s still in reach of Homey? If I know it’s still in the house I’ll at least be motivated to keep looking, ha.

(I found an old topic asking a similar question but that focused on a light bulb, which you can at least send commands to, unlike a door sensor. The topic was also from nearly a year ago and I don’t know what might’ve changed in the meantime.)


Maybe you can make a flow that is activated by this sensor and let this flow make some sound via the speaker or so. This way you maybe can track when you/someone is near the sensor?
Otherwise the battery will be empty after 2 or 3 years :slight_smile: