IKEA Tradfri motion sensors stops responding, only motion detected

Hi all,

So, recently I got a motion sensor from ikea, and smarted up my hallway…love it!

However, my motion sensor stopped giving the right status to homey, and continued staying on motion alarm for some reason…
Are there any troubleshooting steps I can take?

I did power cycles, reconnected already (it worked for like 9 days) etc.

I have these problems with some Z-Wave motion sensors sometimes when the battery capacity is to low.
Another reason could be that the motion sensor has lost the connection to Homey or a repeater (if there is one).

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battery is fresh, (according to homey).
hmm, yeah, I think it has to do with disconnecting… but how? It is close to my little white globe
Thanks for replying!

I do not have an IKEA Motions Sensor in use. But my IKEA Kadrilj blinds are permanently marked with “Low Battery” even though the batteries are freshly charged. Therefore, I would not necessarily trust Homey or the IKEA app.

Do you know the relation between the Zigbee channel of Homey and the 2,4 GHz Wifi channel of the WLAN router?

The connection between Homey and a Zigbee (or Z-Wave) sensor can be affected by many factors, even if the sensor is positioned relatively close to Homey. Maybe try to change the position.

Indeed, the Homey device battery status is more gadget than real. So measure your battery with a multimeter tool, or just put in a brand new one to see if issues disappear.

Wifi vs. Zigbee

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