Devices no longer connected reachable in homey

Hi guys, im really out of words here on how to fix this issue.

This had happend to me earlier but I fixed it by adding all the devices as new again and just fixing it the flow by replacing the cards. But now i own much more device and the flows are more complicated to just re-add the devices. Besides the are more than 1 devices that had become unreachable or behaving in an unwanted fashion.

So here is the list of issues and what I already tried.

Ikea tradfiri button Zigbee, suddenly stop working. Changed battery, tried to interview node in zigbee nothing.

Ikea praktylysing blinds Zigbee, works now and again or stops mid-way. Having to send the command twice for it obey the commands.

Z-wave aeotec trisensor- It has been a couple of weeks since I good not get any signal from this device,I tought it must be the range. I got to my surprise a notification that the battery is running low. I changed the batteries. In the proximity of Homey. And still it has not communicated ever since. While it being near other door sensors based on zwave that is communicating. Interviewing Zwave is not possible.

I was thinking about switching the zigbee channel but I don’t know what the risks are to losing other devices that is working at the moment.

All these devices are not far from homey so I no longer know how to get connection back without re-adding these. Which I really want to avoid.

Kind Regards.

You must provide first more details to have reactions on this + you mix two different technologies so reasons/culprit could be completely different.

Which Homey - 2019 or 2023 ? Have you tried also rebooting your Homey ? Which firmware version you are on ?

How your and looks like ? Don’t share the part with network keys etc.

Homey pro early 2019, What should i be looking for in the developer tool that can help with this situation?
Kind Regards

PTP? Pull the powerplug for 12 minutes, plug in again and wait for minimal 30 minutes, Zigbee can even take longer before all devices are reconnected.

OK, great, you answered 1 question :wink: I hope someone else can help you then.

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