Zigbee issues not responding / pairing timeout


Recently I have started to have issues with some of my Zigbee devices which are directly connected to Homey mainly the Fyrtur blinds not responding to flows or open/close remote. I have tried to remove / add devices but was stuck at one blind not able to pair again timing out on the pairing process. As a last resort I have reset the Zigbee network and added the Zigbee devices directly connected to Homey again. After the Zigbee reset the devices worked for maybe a day but where failing again and pairing some of the Zigbee devices again results in a timeout.

I’m aware of the limitations of Zigbee and seen the pages with the recommendation for creating a stable Zigbee network. I’m below the recommended 20 devices directly connected and not had much problems before. As a last resort I have ordered a Ikea DIRIGERA hub today which will arrive next Friday. I have also raised a support ticket today but respons could take 1 to 2 weeks at this moment.

Does anyone else have problems with Zigbee devices directly connect to Homey Pro at this moment?

System Information
Homey Pro (Early 2019)
Homey Version 8.1.5
Zigbee channel 21
Zigbee version 2.6.3-20190619

Devices directly connected to Homey
6 Ikea Fyrtur Blinds EndDevice (living room / kitchen)
4 Ikea TRADFRI open/close remote EndDevice (living room / frontdoor hall)
1 Trust Light Bulb Router (frontdoor hall)
1 Xiaomi Temperature and Humidity Sensor EndDevice (bedroom)
6 Xiaomi Windows / Door sensors EndDevice (down and upstairs)
total 18 devices

Connected using HUE Bridge
9 Hue light bulbs
6 Hue Dimmer switch
1 Hue outdoor sensor

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If I look at the direct connected list I only see one router, is it not so that the devices not responding to well are to far from an router?
Whats the distance between all the devices and a router and the distance between router and homey?

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Hi Patrick,

Homey is standing in my living room which is about 21 m2. My Kitchen is attached to the living room (L shaped) and measures about 8 m2. My Fyrtur blinds which are having most of the problems are in the kitchen and the livingroom. The lightbulb which to my surprise acts as a router is in the frontdoor hallway next to the living room.

I have removed all fyrtur blinds and remote devices and removed the Homey Ikea Tradfri app. I installed the Tradfri app again and added a Tradfri Signalbooster in the kitchen. After that I added the blinds and remotes and restored the broken flows. For now it does seem to work will check again tomorrow.

I agree that there are definitely too few routers. On the other hand, and what also irritates me is that the problems have only just started. So it’s safe to assume that there were no problems for several months?
What has changed between before and now?

What has definitely changed in the last few days is the Homey firmware from v8.1.4 to 8.1.5.
What you can also check if you may have interference with the WLAN. You can check that on this website.
So you should select a 2.4 GHz WLAN channel that does not cause problems with Zigbee channel 21. And then you should fix the 2.4 GHz channel.
You could also check, if the Zigbee channel of the Hue Bridge is the same like the Zigbee channel from Homey.
Tip: Don’t change the Zigbee channel of Homey after you added all your devices, because this can be cause problems with the devices. Changing the channel of the Hue Bridge is normally no problem.

This hub isn’t supported by Homey, only the old one. But what you can do is to update the firmware from your IKEA devices. This can also improve the reliability.

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I did not have big issues other than it’s a computer in a sphere and sometimes little weird things can happen to Domotica. I have not added new devices recently but I know that my neighbor has Domotica in his home.

I have checked and bookmarked the website that was very helpful.

Wifi channel 2.4ghz
Channel 1
Center: 2412 Mhz
Range: 2401 - 2423
Wifi bandwidth
Bandwidth: 20
ZigBee channel
Channel 21
Center: 2455 Mhz
Range: 2450 - 2460
HUE Zigbee channel 20

Also got a reply from Homey Support this morning:

The IKEA hub is not needed because you are still way below the maxium number of Zigbee devices Homey can stably support, which is between 30 and 40. The problem is that you have too many end devices and too litlle Zigbee router devices. The devices on your Philips Hue Bridge are not part of the same Zigbee network and can not strengthen the network of the devices paired directly to Homey.

I have added one of the Signal boosters which came with the Fyrtur blinds as a repeater two days ago and for now it seems to be stable.Thank you both.