Ikea not pairing

I just bought an ikea motion sensor and wall plug. None of them wont show up though when i try to pair them in homey. I push the pairing button but nothing. Is there something wrong with my zigbee?

Are the lights flashing when you put the devices in pairing mode?

Yes they do

And what exactly happens on the Homey pairing screen?

It just says click on the button four times to pair. Nothing happens when i start the sensor or the wall plug

Even though the LED’s are blinking? How far away from Homey is the device?

Yes. Ive tried to have the device next to the homey.

Do you have any other Zigbee devices connected to Homey already? If so, how many, and how many of those are router devices? (you can find out here)

I think i only have one zigbee device more. An aeotec sensor. It works fine. The rest is philips hue connected to the bridge and not in zigbee.

In that case, you may have to contact Athom.