Tradfri Motion Sensor

I can’t find why the ikea motion sensors are not supported. They just launched a new cheaper motion sensor with IP44 rating. The old one i couldnt find either.

Does anybody know why this is?

I think you just answered you own question.
“They just launched…”.
It takes time to implement new hardware.

No sorry, i also mean the old motion sensor that is out for months.

The motion sensor is a steering device, which means that it directly communicates with light bulbs. I think Homey’s Zigbee implementation cannot handle these devices (the same is true for the 5-button remote, which also isn’t supported; I don’t know what makes the rotating dimmer special, because that device is supported).

I read about a hack where someone paired the motion sensor with a bulb that had its LED’s removed (so it wouldn’t light up, but it would still update its on/off status to the controller; it was basically used as a proxy the communicate the state of the motion sensor).

This is the new model it has an slightly bigger sensor


Would like to see that added to the app.


Support for new IKEA products is not the priority i think…
I haven’t got any mail or reaction back

Here it is paired as a unknown zigbee device

Emaild to athom again

I’m not sure what you’re expecting. My comment still applies: Homey’s Zigbee implementation cannot support this device.

Athom is fully aware that Homey’s Zigbee implementation is lacking, and are (their words) working hard on an update.

By the way: why is it saying Z-Wave Apparaat Informatie” :joy:

Haha the Zwave part is a translation error also mentioned that to athom… And that is fixed now haha. But how different could it be with a Xiaomi sensor?

It’s different in terms of Zigbee configuration.

From what I can find (don’t have such a sensor myself), the IKEA motion sensor uses the “Home Automation” profile, and within that profile the “Remote Control” cluster (0x0006). The Xiaomi motion sensor uses the same profile, but a different cluster, namely the “Occupancy Sensor” cluster (0x0406).

I’m pretty sure that Homey doesn’t support the “Remote Control” cluster.

I thought switching from Smartthings to Homey (which is by far more expensive) would solve some compatibility issues. Or at least they promise that this is the all in one device. But, unfortunately it isn’t. Smartthings support much more than the very expensive Homey Hub. For Smartthings it is no issue at all to support all the Ikea devices. And also the switch from Ikea is not supported. What a shame.

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Just to update my knowledge. If you use the IKEA gateway, and pair the sensor to it and then connect the gateway to Homey, will the sensor then work?

I don’t think the gateway app supports sensors either (because the sensors don’t report to the gateway directly, only to the bulbs they are grouped with).

Exactly. I tried the two methods. Using the IKEA Gateway is even worse. Even less is supported by Homey.
I’ll send back Homey. I think Homey is only an option if you have really luck and all components are supported, or you start from scratch and by only devices which are recommended by Homey.

Is there any prognosis on when the sensor and light switch button will be supported?

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They may or may not be supported after the Mythical Zigbee Rewrite™ (:unicorn:). That Zigbee rewrite may or may not be around the corner.

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problem is buying smart things anywhere :slight_smile:

Something is coming :bulb:


I thought to give it a change and try it out, but it won’t install. Getting an error message on the homey site [incompatible_app_version]