IKEA Vallhorn Motion sensor

Hi All, new to the Homey Pro so just getting started. I picked up some of the new IKEA Vallhorn motion sensors today, but having trouble connecting them to the homey pro.

Challenge 1, there is only an IKEA app for the older tradfri products, and this is not part of that family.

Challenge 2, i can add it as a zigbee device, but homey doesn’t figure out that it is a motion sensor, instead it seems to think it’s a device that can be turned on or off.

Challenge 3, the first time i successfully added it, i lost connection to the Homey pro, and had to factory reset it to regain connectivity. I’m now connected to both Homey and the motion sensor, but i can’t do anything with the sensor.

Anyone else using the new IKEA vallhorn yet? Any suggestions on setting it up?


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  1. Homey’s general zigbee only works controlling certain devices with OnOff, and/or additional Dim or Color possibilities.
    It can’t ‘listen’ to sensors or other input devices.

It’s imho just plain stupid that there’s (still) no error message presented, when you try to pair a sensor as generic zigbee device for instance, while lots of folks don’t “get” hów, and with whát the general zigbee implementation works.

  1. Ikea vallhorn motion sensors aren’t added to the Ikea app yet.
    It’s best everyone with these devices write to Athom, the app maker Support | Homey

You can find support info @ app store https://homey.app/ at the bottom of the app page

Thanks Peter. Good to know it’s not my mistake, but a lack of clarity and implementation with Homey.

I will write a note to support. Given the cost and feature set of these new IKEA sensors (motion, door open and moisture) it seems natural that Athom would want to support them.

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Hi cybersprocket, we’ve received a sample of the Vallhorn motion sensor and it’s currently on its way to our developer to be integrated. So keep your eyes open for an update of the IKEA app :wink:


Sorry, off-topic, I know.
But can I compliment @Doekse on his contributions in this community forum lately?!
Very nice how you support us here!


It’s working since yesterdays update @cybersprocket :+1:

Hi Guys,

I’ve played around a little with Vallhorn but seemingly it retriggers itself in every 8-15 minutes. Is there anyone out there with the same issue?



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I had to play around a lot before I finally managed to pair it somehow. But in the end it doesn’t work for me either, I just see a stuck trigger.

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I’ve found some info on the web, it seems Vallhorn sensors are designed to work with 1.2V rechargeable batteries. User reports with 1.5V batteries are the same as I experience, non-stop false positive motion alarms.

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Hi @Doekse ,

I think Athom should include battery info for Vallhorn during pairing process. It’s designed to work with 1.2V rechargeable batteries instead of 1.5V cells. 1.5V batteries may result faulty behavior.

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Battery monitoring is already available on the new IKEA devices on Homey, you can enable it within the advanced settings of the device :wink: :+1:

With respect, please try to understand what I wrote. Sorry for my English.

It doesn’t work with 1.2v rechargeable battery either, there is no way to pair it with my HP2023. However, it works perfectly with my old TRADFRI gateway with a regular 1.5v battery too.

Hello everyone, so i got 3 sensors, all with the IKEA Ladda 750mah (1.5) 2 are working ok-ish, but one is getting a lot of false positive.

Also pretty limited from the commands that you can issue to the sensor.

I bought two Vallhorn sensors today. I can’t see any false positives by now, but the Lux Values are definitely wrong. I estimate they are too low by a factor of ten…

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I bought a few Vallhorn sensors. Unfortunately, the alarm triggers, and then the sensor keeps beeing triggered.

@Doekse , Any change for a solution? Thanks!

We haven’t experienced this issue during our internal testing, so unfortunately we can’t reproduce the problem. From what I can find online, and mentioned within this thread, is that some 1.5v AA battery’s can behave a bit weird. Using 1.2v rechargeable AA’s could yield better reusults.


I just tried switching from 1.5 Volt alkaline to 1.2 Volt rechargeable batteries, now I no longer get false alarms every minute :slight_smile:

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One whole day later I get false positives on one Vallhorn every 10-60 minutes.
I switched to rechargeable batteries with 1.2V in the other Vallhorn and it produces indeed less false positives….
What wonders me the most is the flawless behaviour the first evening and then random triggering…

Is anyone having trouble pairing these? I bought several and I’ve only gotten one of them to pair using the process listed. The others it won’t ever recognize. I tried reinstalling the app, and now even the one that worked tells me “device already paired” when I try to pair it, even though there are zero devices listed for the app.

It’s been a pretty frustrating experience. I thought these were going to be a nice cheap motion option but the pairing is a nightmare.