Is Ikea PARASOLL door/window contact sensor going to be supported any time soon?

I have purchased an Ikea PARASOLL door/window sensor with Zigbee. Does anyone know if this is going to be supported by the Ikea Tradfri app soon, or how to request development for unsupported Ikea devices?

As mentioned here you can expect them to be added this week :wink:


I don’t get the Ikea Parasol (door sensor) to work? The installation itself went well and it came with Homey. I also see on the led that is on the sensor that it flashes 2 times when I “open” it and 1 time when you “close” but there is no event in Homey. Anyone knows how to solve this issue ?

Is the distance between the device and Homey close enough? (10 meters isn’t close! if there are no other routers the sensor can use)

Do you see the sensor registered in the Developer Tools?

And do use the right condition card?

I just tested the second one I bought and that one is working without any problem. I just tested a flow and the bulb turned on accordingly when the door is opened. I guess I have to return the first one.

Yes I can see two parasoll in the developer tools.
the one not working is different here
alarm_contact Kontaktalarm boolean null
the one working shows
alarm_contact Kontaktalarm boolean true or false

I’ve had two working for a few weeks until tonight both stopped communicating with homey

And repairing the one not working does not solve the issue?

No it don’t help. The one that worked also stopped responding after a while. I returned both of them to IKEA

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