Battery drain with Ikea Tradfri motion sensor and wireless dimmer


recently I’m having trouble with two Tradfri devices. A motion sensor and a wireless dimmer in my garage, so actually both end devices need a few hops to connect, but there’s a router in the garage, too.

For long I directly had connected the motion sensor with some garage light bulb which also was connected to a Hue hub and that worked fine for many months. It was fine, but that double registration with a separate Zigbee net is always a hassle. So meanwhile I had the motion sensor connected with Homey to just use a flow triggering the bulb via the Hue app plugin as I also wanted to have a button to toggle the light. Therefore the wireless dimmer triggering some flow for the light.

However this setup stopped to function without any indication in the Homey app which still considered both devices connected. Actually the batteries got drained within a few days only. With the battery change I did not activate the battery alert assuming that this might add more strain on the batteries, but same issue… After a week or so the devices are dead. When measuring the batteries they were low and the motion sensor or switch not having any blinking light when trying to reset, confirmed that.

Does anyone know if there’s a known battery drain issue with Tradfri devices when connected with Homey. Probably any Tradfri app updates causing a regression? - Interesting: I have a few more Tradfri buttons, bulbs, etc. and apparently only those two devices that are “far away” and need multiple hops frequently die.
However the interesting part: I’ve another Aqara button just next to the Tradfri dimmer switch, both to toggle the garage bulb. No problem at all with the Aqaras battery. So if it’s related to Zigbee range, it’s not affecting that one.

Next step for me: trying another motion sensor brand (as I’ve got one from Lidl spare) at the same location/setting. Currently I can just assume it’s somewhat related to Tradfri devices or app… Will give an update if that helped, but probably someone knows if Tradfri devices are somewhat known to be suspicious.

Cheers, Michael