Homey Bridge not connected

Since a few days Homey bridge is no longer connected. Do more users have this problem? It’s starting to get really annoying. I’m really thinking about quitting the bridge.

If you really want someone to help you, it may be wise to give some more details about your problem… “Is no longer connected” is not very specific…

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Hi Robin,

i have the same problem. Whenever i try to turn a lamp on or off (for example) through the homey app i get the message “timed out after 30000 ms” and “homey bridge is not connected”.
I had issues before where the homey bridge disconnected (you get a message about this in the home button in the app) but was able to get it to work again by turning the power on the homey bridge off and after 30 seconds back on, this might work for you. You can also try to delete the homey bridge in the app and then re-install.
This time i wasn’t able to trouble shoot though so i contacted homey support to help me out. If you still have trouble with your homey bridge you can do that as well. If there is something that did work for you, please let me know!

Since 3 days I have the same problem, see my post Problem Homey Bridge Not Connected - #29 by Rob_F