Homey bridge lost connection

The power was dropped for about ten minutes. All equipment in my home was down. Homey gave message that it lost the connection. When power came back all equipment started operating again without problems EXCEPT the HOMEY BRIDGE.

The blue light on the bridge is blinking but the bridge does not start again. Klicking on devices it says that Homey bridge is not connected. Making a diagnostic report is timed out.

This is a serious problem with Homey bridge. When one is not at home for holidays for example one must rely on products which are very important for the security of your house and control of equipment in your house. Why do other equipment start after a power outage and HOMEY NOT?!! I had this problem earlier during Beta period. Expected these kind of problems were fixed now after Beta.
Athom fix these kind of problems.

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So why are you using a cloud based home automation system…?

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And, how was it fixed back then? Doesn’t that work now?

Does not help much to write that here, Cees,
goto Support | Homey

Robert it is quite simple. I don’t need many flows, have not so many devices and don’t need other features Homey Pro offers. Also marketing doesn’t inform potential buyers about what you can expect with or after power outages. One expects a robust system. So the Bridge was at that time for me the best solution and investment.

To Peter I want to say that the problem was not fixed. Usually after a restart the system worked for quite some time again.

I have however an idea how this problem ocurred and how it can be solved.

There is a moment after a power outage that power is restored again. As soon as it is there many equipment in my home and of course also the Bridge try to start again. I expect that Homey starts very quickly with activating the Wifi connection. However at the time it does this the router responsible for the Wifi network is not yet completely up and running. So the bridge fails and I would expect the Red led, – Homey Bridge cannot connect to the Wi-Fi or internet-
In my situation the Bridge had as long as I did nothing the Blue led – Homey Bridge is ready for set-up-.

I still think that starting the Wifi connection was the cause for the Bridge not starting when power is restored.

There is a simple solution in my opinion. Make a parameter for the number of retries to start a Wifi connection and a parameter indicating time-out length before Wifi start is tried again. Users can set these parameters at values which fits their environment. Which such a simple solution outages can be prevented after a power outage when power is restored again.

Fixing the problem I had was quite simple; disconnect Bridge from power and plug it in again and everything works fine again.

I might be wrong but I hope developers pay attention to these kind of problems related to power outages.

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Cees Borst

Your entire home automation runs somewhere in the cloud. So you’re relying on the cloud provider, Athom and your internet provider. Lots of potential failure points.

This time it was the bridge not coming up properly after a power outage. Sure, that shouldn’t happen, but fixing that doesn’t make your setup a lot more robust IMO.

Because the non cloud / Pro version was not yet delivered :wink: .