What does Homey Bridge add to a smart home?


I have had the Homey Bridge for a while now. It is connected to my Philips Hue lights via the Hue Bridge, IKEA Trådfri lights and a Trådfri socket directly to Homey via Zigbee and an Aqara Smart Plug directly via Zigbee. I also connected Homey to three Nest Home minis.

In addition to this, I have a Philips Hue motion sensor that I haven’t managed to connect with Homey Bridge. As far as I understand it isn’t supported, although it says otherwise in some texts. I have a Ngenic Tune smart thermostat that, from what I have read, seems to be supported in Homey by using the http request card in flows. However, I have not found a tutorial or other explanation of how to use http request cards, so that isn’t available in my Homey. I have an Easee electric car charger, but the Easee app only works in Homey Pro. I have solar panels connected to a SolarEdge inverter, but the SolarEdge app also only works with Homey Pro.

What I can do with all this are, as far as I have understood, the same things I could do without the Homey Bridge. Mostly turn lights on and off automatically, by hand or by voice commands. What is Homey Bridge supposed to add to a smart home? Very few of the apps seems to be supported in Bridge.

My other question is about documentation. Is there a user manual, tutorials or other ways to learn how to use Homey Bridge specifically. I have found some for the Homey Pro but that doesn’t help a lot since their capacity are so different. I also saw the beginner videos and they didn’t explain any of the advanced features of flows.

Best regards, Niklas Vackerdag

What does Homey Bridge add to a smart home?

Radio’s for Zigbee, Z-Wave, BLE, 433 Mhz and a Infrared Transmitter in your Home with a connection you your Homey (cloud). And that makes Homey with a Homey Bridge the Basic (entry level) Homey solution als you describe in your first alinea.

I am sure there is much more possible with the bridge than without, if that still doesn’t fulfill all your needs you probably need a Homey Pro.
Please check the Athom website to compare possibilities, scroll down to :
Not sure which Homey is right for you? Here’s our product lineup.
and check the Apps you need in the App store. or on the status page -The new Homey — Beta Status | Homey or on the community topic about available Apps (with some explanation and discussion) Homey (cloud / bridge version), a selection of available apps (WIKI)

Yes and No,
Nope, not more than the small note you received with it to setup Homey Bridge with the App.
Yes, all is online as you can see and general usage for both Homey and Homey Pro is the same, the specific differences are most in the Sections Homey Pro vs Homey Bridge.
and there als is a Blog but keep is mind the older material is created with the Homey Pro. Some apps may not (yet) be available for Homey Bridge of maybe never will be.