[Discontinued] HomeKit Controller

HomeKit is a generic protocol, once its implemented, all devices should work. (Well, there ARE custom implementations by some manufactures, but there are ways to add them. Like I did with the vocolinc air purifier)

@Sepp_Malec please try restarting the HomeKit Controller app after you deleted the sensor within your HomeKit app.

i have tried:

  1. restarting the app — still fail
  2. resetting the smoke alarm, and re-adding it to wifi to make shure its on the same wifi as homey,
    removed it from homekit again
    restarting the app again — still fail

Hi @TheRealLink do you think the homekit controller will also be made available on the recently announced homey app?


You mean HomeyCloud?


Yes indeed HomeyCloud…

  • A general rule for Homey cloud:
    Apps with settingspages and/or app to app communication are not allowed by Athom.
    Homekit Controller doesn’t seem to have those criteria (anyone here knows?)

  • Here’s a Homey cloud (un)available app wiki:
    Homey cloud, a selection of available apps (WIKI)

You could send the developer a mail.
Contact info is always presented at the bottom of the app pages

  • Apps that as regarded as “tool” will not be allowed (as communicated by Athom on Slack); apps like that fall beyond the scope of Homey Cloud and require a Homey Pro.
  • Apps that require local device access will not be allowed because the Bridge cannot access such devices.

Both will rule out HomeKit Controller as a Homey Cloud app.

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Thx Robert, I will add that info to the wiki.

Not to be a pain, but that should be
…local wifi device access …
Wifi is only used for internet access afaik.

That’s correct (which still rules out all HomeKit-enabled devices).

Thank you for the clarification @Peter_Kawa & @robertklep. I was hoping I could expose the Busch&Jaeger Free@home lightswitches via HomeBridge on HomeyCloud but apparently I can only do that with HomeyPro.

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No one knows why Athom hasn’t implemented a Homekit solution yet. It seems logical to me the Homey cloud should have that integration.
For the Homey cloud, Athom aims at manufacturers to build integrations for their products…

But someone asked about this for tonights’ Q & A.
So go watch it😉

Of course an Athom integration for Homey pro would be nice, but developers can create / have created apps for the Pro. But that’s completely voluntarily.
I know there’s a Homekit experimental option build-in, but I don’t know if that is usable in any way.


They have, for Homey Pro (like you say). It’s experimental because they don’t want to be bothered by questions about it, it was written in an afternoon even though at the time two more complete HomeKit implementations were already available as app. My guess is that it looks nice to the outside world that they can claim that Homey (Pro) has HomeKit support.

HomeKit only works locally. I think the Bridge doesn’t have enough processing power to handle it (either a full protocol implementation or acting as a sort-of HomeKit proxy).


Check & thanks for explaining Robert. I know Rule One: “Thy should not assume”… but I have sinned. I assumed the Apple thing is connected online one way or another.

I don’t get it why Athom wants prospects to believe the “Pro” integrates with Homekit while it seems not a very serious option & still “experimental”
Or does it work fine, Robert? No Homekit stuff lying around here…

It’s not a Homey :stuck_out_tongue:

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I am also happy to test!

Hi I have eve room sensor, this is only work HomeKit, can I add to controller? I want to use sensor datas in homey. If I want to add Homekit controller say no find sensor device. thx

Hi there, I have the qingping air monitor lite paired to HomeKit Controller. The pairing took some time but now it works good. Nice job the RealLink :slight_smile:
What i noticed is when de homekit connection beween homey and Qingping is lost it will not re-connect. I have to remove device from homey and paired again. Can the homekit controller re-connect automatically?

v9.3.0 Qingping air monitor lite, Homey v7.1.4, Homekit v1.0.9

Out of curiosity, is this app still be actively developed? There hasn’t been any updates for a while.

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@TheRealLink Can you please have a look to the following?:

Sine a few weeks the data of 2 vars of the QingPing app are not updated anymore. This is for PM2.5 and PM10.

When I look in the HomeKit Controller App these values are correct and updated.

It looks like that the HomeKit Controller app is sending the data to the wrong var of the QinPing app.


if i try to add my aquara g2h camera i become the message „no new devices found“.

any idea?