[Discontinued] HomeKit Controller

I don’t think it is a Homekit limitation, otherwise Tado should have the same problem and that is not the case.

But maybe @TheRealLink is able to help us why it is not possible. :crossed_fingers:t2:

The Tado app on Homey doesn’t use the Homekit protocol, so there’s still only one Homekit controller that directly connects to the Tado device. At least that’s what I gather from your description (Homeykit also doesn’t count, because there Homey is the device added to Homekit, not the Tado device directly).


HomeKit is only capable of connecting to one controller.
The QingPing app will look for the Air Monitor in your HomeKit App and adding it to the app itself.

This only works if the simulated AccessoryInformation (from HomeyKit) in the HomeKit App matches the expected values like the device was added through the HomeKit app.

I already modified the HomeyKit app to look for devices from the HomeKit Controller app and fill in the necessary informations so they can be picked up by the original apps again.

Device → HomeKit Controller → HomeyKit → HomeKit App → QingPing App

The original app will NOT communicate through HomeKit with the device.

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Another quick note

Please do not reset your device since this will erase any WiFi configuration from the device as well! HomeKit Controller is not able to connect to devices which haven’t joined your WiFi network yet.

Removing the device from your HomeKit app simply unpairs it from any assigned controller but keeps the network connection.

Thanks @TheRealLink for the update.

Does this mean you are working on a solution to make this possible to have the sensor back in the QinPing app again?

When I try to add the sensor via HomeyKit to Apple HomeKit, I get the following message:

I really want to have the sensors back in the QingPing app and looking for a solution.
Please let me know when this can be tested. :crossed_fingers:t2:


yes, i already submitted an pull request to the homeykit app :slight_smile:

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Hi, I just trying to add a dubbele ( outside) socket but the app keep asking for the pin.
What can I do?




I don’t know this specific brand nor can I find it online.

You can send me diagnostic report, maybe something went wrong in the backend part. (Settings → App → HomeKit Controller)

The code is : d0e5f6ce-5b17-472d-9133-dea2c8dc1639

The brand is Meross and the mode is mss620

Can I do more to test?


Your log seems fine, but I do not see any pairing requests, did you created it after you tried adding it?

The Meross band devices seems to be very unstable, I have some light stripes and they are disconnecting all the time. Going to investigate some more…

This is good news. :smiling_face: I hope @robertklep has a solution to fix this. :crossed_fingers:t2:

Hi @TheRealLink,

Do you have any update regarding a possible update of the HomeyKit app or the HomeKit Controller app?

Im trying to add netatmo Smoke alarms as an sensor or generic, but it does not show up, and i have addet them to homekit first, and removed them again…

Any one have any ideas?

Hi Dennis

Wouldn’t it be beneficial to have a list of which HomeKit Accessories are implemented and which HomeKit Devices are working or not.

Gruss Chris

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HomeKit is a generic protocol, once its implemented, all devices should work. (Well, there ARE custom implementations by some manufactures, but there are ways to add them. Like I did with the vocolinc air purifier)

@Sepp_Malec please try restarting the HomeKit Controller app after you deleted the sensor within your HomeKit app.

i have tried:

  1. restarting the app — still fail
  2. resetting the smoke alarm, and re-adding it to wifi to make shure its on the same wifi as homey,
    removed it from homekit again
    restarting the app again — still fail

Hi @TheRealLink do you think the homekit controller will also be made available on the recently announced homey app?


You mean HomeyCloud?


Yes indeed HomeyCloud…

You could send the developer a mail.
Contact info is always presented at the bottom of the app pages