[Discontinued] HomeKit Controller


I created an app to add HomeKit enabled devices to Homey.
As soon its ready I will try to publish it to the App Store.

Whats working:

  • Add devices like light, air purifier, sensors and outlets
  • Add bridges

Tested on:

  • HomeKit Simulator
  • Velux Active Bridge
  • Raven System ESP Firmware
  • Meross Light Strip and Nightlights
  • Vocolinc Air Purifier

Stuff that needs to be polished:

  • Flows
  • Discovery Reporting
  • Pairing Process (Especially for bridges which adds more than one device)

BEWARE: Your devices need to be paired once with an iPhone or iPad! This is needed in order to add them to your wifi network.

Would love to see some feedback if there is actually any need for it.

Beta Link: https://homey.app/a/de.karpienski.hkcontroller/test/

Update: 31.01.2022

Please do not ask me to add device xy. HomeKit is a generic protocol, which was implemented within this app. If your device does not work, the device manufacturer implemented it’s own services.

Also i am not responding to support requests anymore, since I moved away from Homey and discontinued this app development.


This sounds great. As mentioned before more options the better… :grinning:

Hoping there might be a way to easily handle ‘pass through’ of devices to Apple HomeKit itself , perhaps by leveraging an existing HomeKit app. Then your app provides real-time event reporting and control for what still appears in Apple HomeKit.


Looking for this. Particularly for Velux Active for three blinds and three windows.

The Velux Active Gateway is currently paired to another homekit controller. So assume I need to break that first (AFAIK homekit devices can only connect to one controller, but correct me if I’m wrong).

Happy to test the app as well and reports back any issues / thoughts.


Should work using any of the Homekit implementations, provided that the devices created by the Controller app use “regular” capabilities (as opposed to custom ones). But I’d expect they do.

However, it won’t be a 1-to-1 pass through for every device, because there are two “translation” steps required: from HomeKit to Homey back to HomeKit.

I would love to use this app with the Qingping air monitor lite, since it offers access through there Chinese cloud or Homekit.


Looking forward to add VOCOlinc FlowerBud to my homey and Qingping Temperatur and RH Sensors too

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You mean this one? :wink:

I submitted the app for testing. :crossed_fingers: Anyone who’s interested in beta testing it, please let me know


I am happy to test. How to do that?

Exactly that one ;). I didn’t know it also returned AQI.
I’m not sure if I have the time to test it.

I´am happy to test it. Looking forward for information how to

Thanks for your efforts

Interesting! I have some devices that are not compatible with Homey. I’ve added them to homekit via homebridge. So would this enable me to now add/bridge this via your app to get them into homey via homekit - homebridge?

i can test the app , have different devices with bridge and without , like vocolinc , cololight , and 3 homebridges :see_no_evil:

Hi TheRealLink
I’m also interested for testing

Hi TheRealLink
I’m also interested for testing

Hi TheRealLink,

Can you tell us about current status of HomeKit Controller app, because not only me but many other Apple users are very interested in this app (also test :wink:) ?

THX Chris


Hi TheRealLink,

would it be possible that Homebridge Devices will be added to Homey through your App, too ?
If not, could it be possible ?
This will open the whole homebridge world for homey :slight_smile: That would be amazing


the app is still under review. As soon the app is approved, I will publish the link to the test-release.

@owuerker yes, you can add Homebridge devices as well

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I know from my own personal experience that the “review” can take a little longer in between…:woozy_face:

Or put it in The Community AppStore!