HomeKit Controller

Hey there,

currently I am working on an app to connect HomeKit enabled devices directly to Homey.
It works very well for common devices like air purifier, light stripes and so on, basically everything with just ONE device. (Paring: Add Device → Select type → Choose device from list → Enter HomeKit Code → Done)

But here is the catch: How to deal with bridges like the Velux Active? These will report more than one device (like multiple windows and blinds) Is there any way I can add multiple devices with different types and disable the individual “delete device” option?


It’s possible to add multiple devices (return an array of devices from the driver), but it sounds like those devices are still fairly independent of each other, even though they are provided by the same bridge device (even so, there’s no good way of making Homey devices dependent of each other).

This sounds great… More options, the better …

Rob has quite a lot of programming knowledge in this particular field.

He is definitely the guy to talk to…

This could actually be a fairly significant addition to Homey and help increase its chance at being a real global success… Not to be overlooked.

I look forward to its evolution… :grin:

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Well I found a way to implement a behaviour which “works” within the given sdk boundaries.

I will start a new thread to present the app.