How do I integrate all HomeKit devices into homey?


I have a mixture of devices connected into HomeKit, some via homebridge, some via Hubitat and some via homey

There’s a mixture of lightwave lightswitches and hue bulbs , ring security and eufy cameras etc.

One way or another all are visible in HomeKit but I’d like to be able to use homey as the automation logic but it cannot see all the non homey connected devices

Is there any way of fixing this ?

Will matter fix it ? If so will this come to an original homey pro user like myself ?

Thanks for any advice

Not with just Homey, there is no HomeKit Controller app for Homey that would make that possible. Even if it were possible, you would have to make a choice by which controller your HomeKit devices should be controlled, because AFAIK a HomeKit-enabled device can only be controlled by one controller (either iOS or Homey, not both).

Possibly only if Athom’s idea of Matter integration also means implementing a Matter client (as opposed to just a Matter server that exposes Homey devices to Matter). I don’t know if they are planning that.

(I say “possibly” because the one-controller-limitation might also apply to Matter).

I believe Matter will only be made available for the new Homey Pro, but I could be wrong.


It’s such a shame if they don’t make this possible.

The ONE thing homey has that makes it special is the really clever and simple way to create intricate logic for automating.

Apart from my own need, So many friends want solutions to automation and ask advice and they all have invested in devices etc already and homey doesn’t support them, I keep checking and inevitably end up building a homebridge or Hubitat… I’d love to be able to recommend homey for its strength but unless they find a way to suck in status info so they can automate it’s just pointless expecting someone to pay so much for a device and on top of that replace everything else.

If apple wake up and create a decent gui way of creating complex logic in HomeKit homey will be in trouble. They’d be demoted to aggregating integration and in that world they’re unnecessarily expensive

It’s very possible to write a Homey app that would do this, it’s just that there aren’t any developers who have (there have been attempts in the past, but those were abandoned).