Homey pro 2023 as a matter device in a other platform

Hello everyone!

Recently, Homey can control devices connected and compatible with Matter. But I wonder, could Homey and the connected devices (not necessarily with Matter) not be controlled directly with other platforms compatible with Matter?

This would allow me to see my smart bulbs on SmartThings, have better compatibility with Google Home (more responsive, and perhaps I could finally say “Hey Google, what’s the temperature in the garden?”). Also, a TRUE compatibility with Apple Home.

Are there other people as excited as I am?


Yes I was wondering the same thing - I hope this is going to be possible.

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As far as I understand the protocol: No, Matter is Matter, so you can only communicate with Matter devices connected to Homey from other platforms, or the other way round.
Those Matter devices should be paired with all of your platforms to make that happen, as I understand.
BUT, a Matter sensor can of course trigger a flow to start anything paired with Homey, but that is not what you meant.


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I am also wanting to find out what Homey Pro can do with regards to Matter but I believe @Peter_Kawa is misunderstanding Matter.

Matter itself is a communications standard and as of itself a Matter controller supports WiFi devices and Thread devices that natively speak the Matter protocol. As far as I have so far been able to find, the Matter support being offered by Homey Pro only acts as a Matter controller and hence only relates to this in that it only talks to WiFi and Thread devices that natively speak Matter. Therefore the answer to @Thibaud_Lgs question is sadly no.

However what @Peter_Kawa has overlooked is that it is also possible to implement a Matter bridge. A Matter bridge can talk to a non-Matter compatible device and ‘bridge’ it to a Matter network so that other Matter controllers can access it. There are a few such bridges available but the most widely known one is the Philips Hue bridge. This with its latest software can take Zigbee devices which are not Matter compatible and bridge them to a Matter network so they can be accessed via the Matter protocol and used via other Matter controllers. The most commonly referred to example uses the Philips Hue bridge to make these Zigbee devices available via Matter to the Apple Home app and requires you to have an Apple Matter controller such as an Apple TV or a HomePod. This is what @Thibaud_Lgs is looking for and what I also would like the Homey Pro to be able to offer.

I have as an example a Philips Hue bridge, an Apple TV and a Smartthings hub. All three support Matter and I have been able to bridge a Zigbee dimmer via the Philips Hue bridge to both Apple Home and Smartthings.

Nothing prevents Althom from implementing this other than a lack of desire. After all Phlips did this. As a comparison the Smartthings Hub which is now also a Matter controller is not a Matter bridge so again if you add a Zigbee device to the Smartthings hub it is not shared via Matter to other Matter controllers - even more annoyingly Smartthings only devices are not bridged.

Note: The Philips Hue bridge only implements a Matter bridge, it does not act as a Matter controller so you cannot add Matter devices to the Hue bridge. I do not know if it is possible or impossible for a device to be both a Matter bridge and a Matter controller but my feeling is that nothing officially prevents this. My interpretation of some conversations in the HomeAssistant forums lead me to further believe this although so far the HomeAssistant project is only themselves working on implementing a Matter controller and not a Matter bridge.

In some cases the Matter standard may not support specific categories of device - yet, but the blanket failure to offer this by Homey Pro and Smartthings seems to be not down to this but I feel purely a lack of willingness on the part of the manufacturers to implement a Matter bridge.

Whilst the Z-Wave group have supposedly joined the Matter group nothing so far has emerged that allows Z-Wave devices to be accessed via Matter, unlike for Zigbee there are as far as I am aware zero Matter bridges which support Z-Wave. Apart from the aforementioned Philips Hue bridge, a number of Chinese Zigbee device manufacturers like e.g. Aqara have made their Zigbee hubs able to bridge their Zigbee devices to Matter in the same way.

Potentially a Homey Pro could bridge both Zigbee and Z-Wave devices to Matter and even bridge non-Matter compatible Thread devices as well. (Most Thread devices are getting Matter firmware upgrades e.g. Eve products but hypothetically it would be possible to use a Matter bridge for those that don’t.)

One clarification - a Matter controller, even the Homey Pro can via Matter access a non-Matter Zigbee device which obviously itself is not on WiFi or Thread via a Matter bridge which is bridging access to that device. Whilst people general talk about WiFi Matter devices obviously access to WiFi Matter devices uses standard TCP/IP traffic and hence this does mean Ethernet as well as WiFi works. Hence this allows accessing devices via the Matter protocol via the Philips Hue bridge which is not a WiFi device. I do not imagine anyone making an Ethernet only Matter native device e.g. switch, sensor or other but I feel this would technically be possible.

My Smartthings hub acting as a Matter controller and using Ethernet is able to access my Philips Hue bridge and my Apple TV also acting as a Matter controller and using WiFi is also able to do this.


Good writeup!

The majority of Matter bridges just bridge a subset of devicetypes, for example Philips Hue Will only bridge devices of the same typen that Hue themself supports, like lights, outlets, motion sensors ans similuar.

The only product that talks about beeing a more generic Matter bridge (that I have read about) is Hoobs 5.

Again on this Matter, I successfully added and Eve sensor as Matter device on Homey Pro, and I am trying to find how to share it via Matter to other Matter compatible ecosystems. Most systems (SmartThings, Switchbot, HUE) gives you the Matter code of the Matter bridge to allow importing. But I can’t find it in Homey.

AFAIK it’s not possible with Homey to share any of the devices it controls to other Matter hubs.

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Has anyone tried using apple home’s rebind feature to add a matter device to HP after it was already added to Apple Home?

Yep. I’ve spent 3 weeks to make it work, but it was unstable. Just now moved everything to Homey from HomeKit and left Apple behind.

It was Ok in Apple, but HomeyPro constantly lost the device.

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It’s not Apple that’s unstable, though :wink:

Hah, true.

I think it should be fairly straight forward to implement a homey plugin for Luligu/matterbridge: Matterbridge plugin manager for Matter (github.com). Only caveat is that whatever matter controller you are using must support uncertified devices (like HomeKit for example does, but Homey itself does not :roll_eyes:).

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