Need Help with Homey Pro and Matter

Hey i‘m new to Homey and looking forward to buy a Homey Pro (23) as a „Enrgyhub“, that means i want to Connect my Tibber and all my SmartHome devices ( that are possible to Connect to Homey Pro ) to track my electricity Traffic.

So this is my idea and i think my Problem at the Same Time:

I‘m an Apple User ( and yes i know that is for some people the first problem :wink: ) and i‘m using HomeKit to Control my SmartHome System, mostyl some Phillips Hue lights, some eve energy and some Bosch Smart Home devices.
I would like to continue with HomeKit as the main base to Control my home, i just like the way it works.

So I know that the Homey Pro Supports matter and the idea was to integrate the Homey pro to my existen Matternetwork, if i do this, it is possible to See my/the Most of my devices?

The second idea/try is, if the First dosen‘t work, to Connect the Hue Bridge via matter to Homey Pro ( because Thats Wehre the Most devices are ) so when im doing this the First question is, are my devices still visible and useble in my Homkit-Home or are moving all my devices from the Hue Bridge to Homey?
And the Next thing is, like already said, i have a existing matter Network ( some HomePod mini‘s, some Apple TV‘s etc.) does it interupt my existing matter Network if i connect my Hue Bridge to Homey Pro via matter?

So to make it short is it possible to Show all ( or the Most ) my devices in Homey Pro and dont lose the ablility to Control them with HomeKit ( and i dont want move all my devices to Homey and then use the experimental HomeKit Connection ).

The idea of my „EnergyHub“ is that I Control some devices dependent on the electricity pirce with some Flows, like create a Flow once and dont think about it anymore. And to Look how much Watts the individual devices are using, and stuff Like That.

I really Hope someone understand what my problems are and can help me! :smiling_face:
Greetings from Germany