Homey-pro and multiple Apple home hubs

I have a Homekit matter/thread environment more or less working with three HomePod mini’s and one AppleTV4k which are fighting for being “THE Home Hub” (and thus creating a lot of fuzz; they switch every now and then).

Can I set up the Homey Pro (early 2023) to be the undisputed Home Hub and the Apple stuff “just” bridges? I can live with the thread devices being added later once Thread support becomes available.

Hmmmm not sure, Erik. The whole point of Matter was something like: any Matter controller / hub should be able to control paired Matter devices? Don’t shoot me if I’m wrong :wink: :wink:

Homey can’t provide the HomeKit functionality that an Apple hub device can if you meant as a HK hub. If you meant for Matter I’m not sure.

Homey isn’t a HomeKit hub, it’s a HomeKit bridge: it provides access to devices through the HomeKit protocol.

HomeKit hub functionality can only be provided by (certain) Apple devices, and there isn’t a way to assign one to be the primary hub with the others being secondary in some way.


First of all, thanks for the replies, they all contribute to my questions.
To make things clear(er…:-):

  1. I am not stuck to HomeKit. I like the flows etc of Homey way more than the very simplistic functionality of HomeKit.I would be more than happy to “use” Homey for my total home automation and have all the Matter-stuff run through the Homey-flows.

  2. Matter: strange in a certain way that the device which shouts first gets the hub-assignment. and the rest goes in standby… Like in a sports team, each one could be the captain, but the one best suited for that job IS the captain, also if he enters on the field a little bit later. My ATV4k is by design a more powerful Matter-hub than a HomePod mini. I would expect the Matter-protocol to support some hierarchy: the best one in the network gets the assignment. Now it’s anarchy…

  3. My preferred setup: Homey is my home automation hub, controlled/accessed by an “experimental” :slight_smile: Homey app on my iOS devices. Matter functionality: what Homey offers, HomePod mini and ATV are bridges, Eve, Aquara etc. are part of the Matter-part of the home automation.

Would this work? (and make sense?)
Thanks, Erik.

How do you connect multiple apple accounts using the Apple Homekit Experimental Feature so they all can see and controll the Homey devices.

So far i can either use it for my wife, or for myself, but not both…

I let my wife use Apple Home, however to be fair in daily operational use, the Home app starts so much faster than the Homey app, and the homey app often has to reconnect, or completely reload, which is a terrible experience. using the Home app from Apple it works great.

There’s an app called HomeKitty, it might have more options? You can ask here in the app topic:

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Both the Experiment and HomeKitty use the same underlying HomeKit library. If it’s not possible with the Experiment, I don’t think it’s possible with HomeKitty either. I never looked into this because I’m the only one at home that uses HomeKit.


So the issue is that when you generate a new code for the second iPhone to pair, the devices in the Home app of first iPhone will go to “Device not found”

It is not possible to pair 2 iPhones with the same code, because it seems the Homey goes out of discovery mode if one iPhone uses the code.

I am not sure if sharing the devices will work (using an Apple TV) it requires me to basically paid back to my iPhone, and then use the Apple TV and share. When i get around to trying this i will naturally share the results here. Thanks for your reply.

Maybe not quite the answer you were looking for. But have paired Homey with HomeKit and everyone in the family can use HomeKit. So the solution is to create a family in the ICloud environment where you share the house.

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this requires the apple TV right? (or other apple hub)

Not if you only want to control the house with the HomeKit app (within the same network). If you want control from the outside (external network) then you need an AppleTV 4K 3rd generation or a HomePod / homepod mini

(And a creditcard to creat a family in iCloud, no charge or anny cost)

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strange, somehow i have a message when i want to add people to the home that it needs the hub (tv or pod) perhaps thats because we have an appletv that is only turned on sometimes

Ok so i found the differentiating factor… in case anyone else runs into this i will share it here:

It is both true (that it is possible to share without Home Hub, and that it is impossible to share without Home Hub) in different situations, where the difference is having upgraded to Apples new Home architecture. They have written about it here:

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