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I’m new to Homey Pro and just received my hub today. Yay! My primary smart home platform is Apple Home and I purchased the Homey Pro hub to bring in devices that are not native to Apple and that are (potentially) not supported through Matter (e.g. Somfy Shutters). I’m trying to find a list of compatible devices that will work with Homey Pro. Does such a list exist or am I overthinking it? Said differently, as long as the device I’m interested in works off of one of the protocols that Homey Pro supports (Zigby, Zwave, WiFi, Thread, etc…) then there won’t be a problem and I can safely purchase the device and connect through Homey Pro hub?


It’s rather a bit more complicated than that.

For most devices, you will need a specific app to be able to use them with Homey. The more generic the communications protocol, the less chance it will work out of the box:

  • WiFi and BLE are very generic, so there is no generic device support for those in Homey; you will need a specific app
  • Zigbee and Z-Wave are a bit more defined, so some devices might work without an app, but only very simple devices (outlets and lights for Zigbee, not sure about Z-Wave)
  • Matter is even more defined, and you won’t need an app for that, Homey will be able to talk to Matter devices out of the box. However, bear in mind that both Matter and Homey’s Matter support are in flux and Homey may not always support the latest protocol version.

The best way to check if a device is supported by Homey is check the App Store.

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